Hitmarker Launches Second Equity Crowdfunding Round

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Hitmarker Launches Second Equity Crowdfunding Round

Esports job-posting website Hitmarker is launching a second equity crowdfunding campaign to facilitate expansion into new markets.

Hitmarker is known as one of the go-to for esports-specific jobs postings. Back in November 2019 they launched a successful crowdfunding campaign and raised over £200,000 in the process. Now the company is back for the second round of investment; which will be opened up exclusively to existing backers, platform users, and members of the wider video game community.

The company aims to use this second round of funding to expand into new markets through localized platforms. Taking Hitmarker to Brazil, Spain, Japan, China, and beyond. Hitmarker will also look to expand its staff, adding 10 new hires over the next two years.

ESTNN spoke with, Hitmarker Managing Director, Rich Huggan about the decision to expand; “Last November, hundreds of Hitmarker users; and members of the esports community, empowered us to double our staff team and expand our platform’s coverage to the wider video game industry”. Rich explained. “We’ve since increased the number of jobs available on Hitmarker by more than 1,000% to over 11,000, making it possible for even more people to work in the industry they love”.

All shares in Hitmarker are available on an ordinary basis under Crowdcube’s nominee structure. They come with voting rights, pre-emption rights, and equal economic rights. All investors also receive access to an investor community on Discord, where they are able to engage with other shareholders and Hitmarker staff to help shape the future of the brand.

A global professional network

Philip Huggan, Hitmarker’s Founder, also added some context surrounding the company's plans. “Now, we’re asking our 380 existing investors, one million-plus users, and the global esports and video game community to empower us to expand our coverage even further,” Philip said. “We’re going to create localised platforms for Brazil, Spain, Japan, and China to create the first global professional network dedicated to the video game industry.” Adding that the move will make it “easier than ever to find jobs and hire great talent”.

You can learn more about the opportunity to invest in Hitmarker here

Hitmarker Launches Second Equity Crowdfunding Round
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