Here’s How To Get Lil’ Sweeties Pickaxe in Fortnite’ Creative Builders Challenge

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Here’s How To Get Lil’ Sweeties Pickaxe in Fortnite’ Creative Builders Challenge

Phase three of the Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge is live, and players can now get a sweet new Pickaxe for free (Pun intended).

The preliminary voting phase of the Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge is over, and six maps remain:

Fortnite K.O.

  • Created by Arigameplays, Atomyc, and Axel-E-Dag
  • Fortnite K.O. contains four different minigames with a Neon-themed aesthetic
  • Island Code: 1257-0715-4208

Neo World

  • Created by Rivers, Blakegw, Santiagorgorafa
  • Neo World is a map where game rounds cycle between Destroy the Target, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag. Scoring assists and kills rewards players with points. The first team to 500 points wins. 
  • Island Code: 3106-6447-2472

Neon Paintball Club (FA)

  • Created by JuanSGuarnizo, Jotape, and Feedbuho
  • Neon Paintball Club is a Free For All game mode for 2-14 players
  • Island Code: 2558-1510-9939

Neon Rush

  • Created by Creative Sergi, Reaper45, and Dudiing
  • Neon Rush is a racing game mode where players compete with one another for the top spot.
  • Island Code: 5440-8499-4751

Neon Rush Gungame

  • Created by Hiper, Pachimole, and Hooshen
  • Neon Rush Gungame sports fast-paced action, boasts multiple weapon loadouts, and has a unique HUD.
  • Island Code: 6670-7681-9826


  • Created by TheDonato, KaiWenFN, and Boshy
  • Neonite is a pocket world with six different minigames for players to enjoy
  • Island Code: 8971-6668-7706

Before you do anything, register your Epic Games account at the Creative Builders official website. If you don't, your progress in this event will not count. 

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Try out the six creative maps to unlock a free pickaxe!

To obtain the Lill' Sweeties Pickaxe, you must try all six creative maps at least once. And yes, you actually have to play them because Epic Games is keeping track. 

After playing through all six maps, head back to the Creative Builders website. Cast your vote for your favorite map, and once that's complete, you will unlock the Lil' Sweeties Pickaxe for your registered Epic Games account. 

Players have until May 12 to get this done. The winner of the Creative Builders Challenge will be announced on May 13.


Here’s How To Get Lil’ Sweeties Pickaxe in Fortnite’ Creative Builders Challenge
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