Helldivers 2 Roadmap – Everything We Know

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Helldivers 2 Roadmap – Everything We Know

Learn everything there is to know about the Helldivers 2 Roadmap. Here is all the content that's coming to the Coop shooter and then some.

Helldivers 2 is a massive success. Who would've known that shooting bugs in the name of freedom and democracy would be so much fun? It fills the “What if Earth Defense Force had a more than paper-thin budget and development cycle?”-niche and it paid off huge! It's one of the most successful launches of the year and an early heavy hitter for PlayStation.

This begs the question of how long Arrow Head Studios plans to keep the party going. Coop titles have a history of blowing up huge only to shimmer down once players have burned through all their content. Due to the lack of a competitive component, games like Helldivers 2 live and die by their post-launch support.

Here is everything we could learn about Helldiver 2's future and what players can look forward to.

Helldivers 2 Roadmap

As of writing, no Roadmap is set in stone for Helldiver 2. While the developers have discussed it at length on the game's official Discord server, nothing is set in stone yet. However, the developers have confirmed that they are working on something and are currently preparing a long-term plan for their Coop hit.

We will up

CEO and Lead Creative Director  Johan Pilestedt posted on his personal Twitter/X account that the studio is currently looking to further bolster their staff to meet that rigorous content update schedule.

We don't know yet how Arrow Head Studio plans to release these future content updates, either via DLC mission packs or seasonal updates. We know that they're currently looking for industry veterans who have experience with long-term monetization.

All No Rest for the Wicked Known Issues

Helldivers 2 is available for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

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Helldivers 2 Roadmap – Everything We Know
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