Helldivers 2 DLSS: Everything You Need To Know

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Helldivers 2 DLSS: Everything You Need To Know

In the trailer released specifically for PC players, there was no mention of Helldivers 2 DLSS. This left many players perplexed, who said they were worried about the situation, also because other important technologies such as ray tracing and ultrawide resolution were not even mentioned. We don't know, at least at the moment, if these features will actually not be present in the game but since they are not mentioned, it is very likely that this is the case. We try to clarify in this article, underscoring the benefits of DLSS.

Helldivers 2 DLSS: Why Is It Important?

In today's gaming industry, DLSS technology is of utmost importance to improve players' gaming experiences. In fact, it is capable of rendering low-resolution images into high-resolution while keeping the frame rates intact. Therefore, it is important to give players the opportunity to have smoother gaming experiences.

Furthermore, as if that wasn't enough, this technology allows all owners of non-high-end PCs to have better performance without having to sacrifice graphic quality. DLSS is also able to reduce visual artifacts and improve image clarity. These are “little things” that serve to make the gaming experience even more immersive, but it seems that this will not happen in Helldivers 2, at least as soon as the game is released on the market. It is not clear at the moment whether this technology will be implemented later.

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The lack of DLSS in Helldivers 2 could also impact the overall performance of the game. Let's remember that Helldivers 2 is a third-person shooter, therefore a fast game with many overlapping phases. These features could create some performance problems, such as lower frame rates, especially when there are many enemies on the screen and the battle is chaotic. One solution could be to lower the resolution, but by doing so, you will encounter graphic problems regarding textures and details.

However, there are alternatives that could come to the rescue to try to make the gameplay as smooth as possible. One such alternative is the FSR. It is an open-source upscaling technology that is able to guarantee performances similar to those of DLSS, although less detailed. Alternatively, as we have already mentioned, you can opt to reduce the graphic settings, although this will have other types of penalties. Finally, the last resort is to hope for a good optimization made by the developers themselves to deal with the absence of DLSS in Helldivers 2.

helldivers 2 dlss

Helldivers 2 DLSS: Everything You Need To Know
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