Helldivers 2 Devastators: How to Find and Kill Them

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Helldivers 2 Devastators: How to Find and Kill Them

In Helldivers 2, you will have the opportunity to deal with two different types of enemies: Automaton and Terminids. The Helldivers 2 Devastators are enemies that belong to the first category. Since they are essentially robots, these enemies can be very difficult to deal with.

Because of this, we have decided to give you some advice so that you can deal with them a little more easily. If you are having difficulty, therefore, we advise you to continue reading this guide on how to find and kill Helldivers 2 Devastators.

How to Find Devastators in Helldivers 2

Since these are robotic enemies, you will be able to find them when you have to undertake bot missions. However, they will not always be present. Since these are quite difficult enemies to face, they will only be found in missions of Trivial difficulty and above.

This means that, if you have decided to approach the game on a lower difficulty, you won't have to worry about facing these enemies.

Alternatively, since these are special enemies, they are among those who also have special missions associated with them. In fact, from time to time, you will be able to see special quests on the map, which will be highlighted by a white symbol with an arrow pointing upwards. If you see this symbol on the map, it means that you will have the opportunity to face these enemies in special missions.

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Helldivers 2 Devastators

How to Kill Devastators in Helldivers 2

But what exactly will you have to do to kill them? Devastators are tough enemies, that's without a doubt, but they're certainly not the fastest enemies you'll face in Helldivers 2. As a result, you can use this weakness to your advantage.

Also keep in mind that the only place that will not be covered by armor is their head, so to have any chance of killing them, you will have to aim for the latter.

The fact that they are slow enemies does not mean that they do not have weapons in their arsenal that are capable of targeting you even from a distance, such as lasers for example. This will ensure that the Devastators don't have to get close to you to hit you.

Furthermore, keep in mind that there are different versions of these enemies, some with better armor, others with shields, and others, however, who prefer explosives.

However, the strategy to use is always the same: hit the head. In case you don't succeed (they are slow but not immobile), you can rely on heavier weapons to be able to hit their armor, such as shotguns, at strategic points such as their limbs, and eliminate the weapons in their possession.

Finally, you can also consider the use of some Stratagems, especially for the more powerful versions, such as Eagle Cluster Bombs, Barrages, and Autocannon. By following these tips, you should be able to kill these enemies more easily.

Helldivers 2 Devastators: How to Find and Kill Them
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