Helldivers 2 Terminids Tips

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Helldivers 2 Terminids Tips

In Helldivers 2, in addition to having Automaton as enemies, there is also another category called Terminids. These enemies, unlike the others, can be easier to deal with, as, being essentially insects, they do not have the weapons in their arsenal that the Automaton have. However, this does not mean that Helldivers 2 Terminids should be underestimated. These enemies are still capable of putting you in difficulty, especially if you are playing solo or if you are tackling the adventure with the highest difficulties. In this article, therefore, we will give you some useful tips to deal with this threat.

Helldivers 2 Terminids Enemies

We have said that the Terminids are essentially more or less large (and enhanced) insects that you will have to face during certain missions in Helldivers 2. Also in this case, as when you have to face the Automaton, you will have to be in possession of the right weapons and the right Stratagems, so that your life is simple and you don't have to worry much. Let's see together, therefore, what advice you should follow to get the better of this type of enemy.


Scavengers are the most common and smallest enemies you will face from the bug aliens. You will see lots of them in big groups in pretty much all missions in Helldivers 2 from easy difficulty to the hardest one. When you're just starting out, you will mostly deal with Scavengers. The good news is, they're easy to take down with just a few hits, so any weapon will work. But using the Stalwart of Liberator assault rifle will help you defeat them quickly.

As you unlock stronger weapons and strategies, you will be able to easily get rid of swarms of Scavengers. This means you won't have to worry about them as much. They're pretty fast, but their main job is to bring stronger bug aliens to your location. At higher levels, you will still encounter plenty of Scavengers, but with the weapons you've unlocked by then, they're more of a bother than a real threat. Use Eagle Strikes, Orbitals, or Sentry Turrets to clear them out while you focus on the bigger enemies.


Warriors are often seen alongside Scavengers in bug missions in Helldivers 2. These bug aliens have sharp claws and tough shells. They're smaller than some other bug aliens, but to defeat them, you need to hit their weak spots underneath or directly on their faces. Or, you can use shotguns or weapons that can pierce through their armor. As you progress to harder levels and unlock more strategies and weapons, you will be able to defeat them quickly and in large numbers. Use powerful attacks like Eagle strikes or weapons designed to take down tanks to wipe out groups of them at once. The Breaker shotgun is also great for taking them out with just one shot.

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helldivers 2 terminids


Hunters show up in different spots during bug missions. You will start meeting them from Medium difficulty. You will notice Hunters moving fast, jumping around trying to find you. They keep coming after you and jump from far away to attack. They're tricky to hit because they're so quick, but once you do, they won't last long. It's easier to hit them when they're jumping straight at you if you aim a bit higher to catch them mid-air.

Even though they're not too hard to beat, you should focus on them first when there's a lot of bugs around as you level up. They often come in groups and can overwhelm you easily. If you don't have any Boosters or Armor buffs, just one hit from them can take away a good chunk of your health. You can use any weapon against them, but explosives and fast-shooting guns will take out groups of them quickly.


Stalkers can be found all over bug missions, but they hang out near Stalker Lairs. These lairs are hard to spot because they look like dark patches on certain maps. Stalkers hide by blending into their surroundings, but you can uncover them easily by using Smoke Grenades or stepping on spore clouds released from eggs around the maps. They move fast and attack like Hunters, just bigger. Stalkers can use their long tongues to grab you from far away, but if you focus your fire or use powerful weapons, they will go down with just a few shots. If you come across Stalkers, deal with them first, just like you would with Hunters.

Bile Spewer

Bile Spewers show up in bug missions starting from Medium difficulty to the toughest Helldive missions. Sometimes, they have their own special mission, which you can recognize by the white symbol on the map. Even though you can defeat them quite easily, they're really annoying to deal with. They keep spitting bile at you, and it can hit you from far away. If it doesn't take away all your health at once, it will at least make you need a Stim. At higher difficulties, you will come across groups of these, so aim for their backs with fast-shooting guns or explosives to get rid of them quickly.

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Helldivers 2 Bile Spewers

Bile Titans

Bile Titans start showing up from Challenging difficulty to the toughest Helldive missions. Sometimes, they have their own special mission marked by the white symbol on the map. These Titans are huge and fast in Helldivers 2. Consider them as one of the main bosses in bug missions. They act like the Bile Spewers, spitting out streams of bile that can really hurt you, and they're heavily protected. To beat them, you will need lots of powerful weapons and explosives. Aim for their green underside, which is their weak spot.


Chargers show up from Medium difficulty in Helldivers 2. Sometimes, they have their own special mission marked by a white symbol on the map. Chargers usually target one team member at a time and focus on taking them down. They're mostly covered in armor, except for the yellow patches that reveal their weak spots. Aim for those spots, but also use Anti-Tank weapons, Explosives, and Shotguns to create more weak points and take them down faster.

Brood Commanders

Brood Commanders are in bug hives during missions and show up from Easy to Helldive levels. Like other creatures, sometimes, they have their own special mission marked by a white symbol on the map. Brood Commanders also have armor, but they're slower than other bugs. When you're facing a big group of bugs at higher levels, these hang back while the faster ones, like Hunters and Stalkers, catch up to you quickly. The tricky thing about them is that they bring lots of other bugs with them. To deal with them and their crew quickly, you can use Sentry guns, Eagle strikes, or Orbitals. One scary thing is that even if you shoot their heads off, they can still charge at you.

Helldivers 2 Terminids Tips
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