Helldivers 2 Chargers – How to Defeat Them

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Helldivers 2 Chargers – How to Defeat Them

Are you struggling against the Helldivers 2 Chargers? In this article, I will show you how to defeat them and what to expect.

Helldivers 2 is a tough game, to say the least. There are many different things you need to be aware of, including weapons, armor, and more. With that said, there are also things called Helldivers 2 Chargers, which are enemies that have tons of armor. On top of that, they have the firepower to kill you with just one attack.

Fighting against a Charger Helldivers 2 is not easy. What’s even more annoying is that there will be instances where you will have to go up against more than one enemy. Fortunately, I have found a way to deal with the Chargers in Helldivers 2, and I will show you all of the things you need to know. Let’s begin.

Helldivers 2 Chargers – General Information

A lot of you who are making your first steps in Helldivers 2 will probably not see a Charger at all. That is because this enemy becomes available once you reach the medium difficulty level in the game.

As I have explained in my Helldivers 2 difficulty levels, you can only do that after you have completed the missions in the previous two difficulties – Trivial and Easy. I have done that, and these armored enemies, such as the Charger Helldivers 2 are among the biggest changes you will see between each level.

Depending on the operation, you may have to face more than one Charger. In other words, you really need to know what you are doing to be successful. Fortunately, I have the secret formula to defeat all Helldivers 2 Chargers.

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How to Defeat a Charger in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 Chargers - How To Defeat Them
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After testing several tactics against the Helldivers 2 Chargers, I came up with the following solutions:

  • Do not stay close to him – Chargers do a lot of damage up close. Also, securing a good distance allows you to take advantage of your weapons.
  • Ideally, you need to find some kind of obstacle – Since the Charger will run at you, you should find somewhere to hide. Doing this will prevent you from taking damage.
  • Use your teammates when you can – Ideally, you can use your team in Helldivers 2 and try bringing it down while it is focusing on someone else.

The Helldivers 2 Chargers are known for two things – high damage output and armor. They have high armor, so you can’t just expect to kill them by spraying them down. Instead, you will need to focus on hitting the weak spots. 

Although it may seem as if the Charger Helldivers 2 does not have weak spots, this isn’t the case. I have found that you do a lot more damage by attacking it from the backside. This is the part of his body where there is not much armor, meaning you do a lot more damage. If you attack other parts of his body, you will see a defensive symbol, which indicates that the creature is not taking that much damage.

The bad news is that hitting the Helldivers 2 Chargers’s weak spots is not easy because you need to be behind them. In other words, they need to focus on another target, which will give them the time to do damage.

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Thankfully, I also found that using bug weapons, such as anti-tank ones and explosives, can remove a part of these creatures’ armor. Once the armor is down, you will have access to a lot more “sports” where you can do more damage and kill the Charger much faster.

Stratagems – Which Ones to Use?

When fighting against Helldivers 2 Chargers, you need all the help in the world, including the right Stratagems.

Considering these units have a lot of armor, you should focus on the stratagems that come with explosive traits. I also tried using options that do extra damage against targets with a lot of armor, and I believe they also work fine.

A good example that you can use is the EAT-17 Expendable Anti-Tank. Even though you can only shoot with it once, it has a 70s cooldown, which means that you should be able to use it multiple times. Remember that the fights against the Charger Helldivers 2 usually last a while.

I have also seen people using the popular Recoilless Rifle because it comes with a backpack. Furthermore, your allies can reload it, which can make this option very efficient.

There are instances where you will have to fight against the Helldivers 2 Chargers while you are being attacked by other units. If that’s the case, I suggest trying the Eagle Airstrike. The latter will kill all smaller units, and it can do tons of damage to the Charger.

Helldivers 2 Chargers – How to Defeat Them
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