Extra Padding Helldivers 2 – What Is It

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Extra Padding Helldivers 2 – What Is It

Helldivers 2 has a lot of interesting things you need to be aware of, one of which is the passive. Let’s check the Helldivers 2 Extra padding and everything you must know.

There have been several issues related to Helldivers 2, such as the one where users did not earn XP. With that said, this problem has been fixed, which is why it’s time to focus on something more important, such as the Extra padding passive. Learning more about the Extra Padding Helldivers 2 ability is important, so let’s begin.

Extra Padding Helldivers 2 – What is It

Helldivers 2: Extra padding is a special passive stat in the game. Each type of body armor has different stats, which allow it to be different and offer different combat capabilities. What I found when exploring the game is that a lot of the stats provide the same things. In other words, the big difference between most of the body types of armor in Helldiovers 2 is in the way they look.

Speaking of passive stat, Extra Padding Helldivers 2 is the first option you will come across. If you analyze it carefully, you will see that it is related to the high armor rating. Sadly, what I found is that you can’t really test the stat unless you decide to take part in missions. You can also unlock even armor using the superstore or the battle passes.

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The Effect of Helldivers 2: Extra Padding

If you take a look at Reddit and other places, you can see that many people believe Extra Padding Helldivers 2 is actually an inside joke. Due to the game’s functions and how it works, some people believe that devs put this stat on purpose. Supposedly, the idea is for us to believe that we have some sort of extra protection, whereas in reality, this isn’t the case.

Of course, we decided to test it, and the results were surprising. It seems like Helldivers: Extra Padding provides a buff against damage from explosions. In others, things like landmines and grenades should do a lot less damage when you have extra padding Helldivers 2.

We have tried standing right next to a grenade and on top of a mine, but even the Extra Padding wasn’t powerful enough to stop us from dying. In other words, this stat does help you survive more, but it will not save you if you are too close.

Speaking of tests, we also tried using the Extra Padding Helldivers 2 armor against fire and melee attacks. Although we expected it would work, the reality was that nothing happened. When compared to the DP-53 Saviour, for example, we could see that the Extra Padding had no effect on those things.


To sum up, the Extra Padding passive in Helldivers 2 is a good option against landmine and AoE damage in general. However, considering it does not do anything against other types of damage, we believe it is not worth it. In fact, Helldivers 2 offers a lot better options when it comes down to armor.

Extra Padding Helldivers 2 – What Is It
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