Hearthstone Battlegrounds Anomaly Guide

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Anomaly Guide

A comprehensive Hearthstone Battlegrounds guide that gives a rundown of every Anomaly active until Oct 2023.

Discover all 41 Hearthstone Battlegrounds Anomalies, each introducing unique effects that transform the game and require strategic adaptation.

Every Anomaly Explained – Full List

A comprehensive Hearthstone Battlegrounds guide that gives a rundown of every Anomaly active until Oct 2023

Discover all 41 Hearthstone Battlegrounds Anomalies, each introducing unique effects that transform the game and require strategic adaptation.

Every Anomaly Explained – Full List

Here is everything you need to know about the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Anomalies.

  • Bring in the Buddies – This anomaly brings back the 75 different Hero Buddies to choose from, adding an element of chaos and fun. The key strategy is to use them for survival and adapt to the mid-game rather than aiming for a perfect synergy.
  • Everything's On Fire! – This anomaly is all about survival. Starting with 30 damage means that taking additional hits is not an option. Building strong defenses early is crucial, and taking damage should be avoided at all costs.
  • Secrets of Norgannon – This anomaly encourages longer games and the use of Tier 7 minions. The additional armor provides protection, but players should be cautious not to get complacent, as facing high-tier minions can lead to one-shot defeats.
  • Shackles of the Primus -Shackles of Primus changes the gameplay radically, focusing on survival and efficient use of Hero powers. Heroes with faster powers have an advantage, while tempo-based heroes may struggle. Invest in minions that have permanent tribe buffs, such as Elementals or Undead. 
  • Double Header – Double Header makes achieving triples easier. Survivability is key, so avoid upgrading Tavern Tiers without purchasing a minion first to maintain board strength.
  • Curse of Aggramar – Survival is paramount in this anomaly. Early game decisions and victories are crucial, and caution is needed, especially when playing Demons without a Soul Rewinder.
  • The Golden Arena – This anomaly speeds up the game considerably. Prioritize defenses before upgrading Tavern Tiers to ensure survival.
  • The Yogg-iseum – The Wheel of Yogg-Saron introduces an element of unpredictability, making strategic planning difficult. Adapt and play with what you receive each turn.

  • Golganneth's Tempest – Golganneth's Tempest favors versatile builds over refreshing-dependent ones. Quilboar and Undead builds shine here.
  • Nguyen's Shifting Disks – Chaos ensues with random Hero Powers each turn. Adaptability is key, with Hero Powers like “Make a Minion Gold” and finding the secret Ice Block being advantageous.
  • Tavern Special – Tavern Special allows for diverse builds. Focus on creating a strong synergy with available minions and avoid complacency. It might be confusing, but remember to follow your regular strategies and gameplay.
  • Eonar's Overgrown Arena – Minions in the Tavern gradually become stronger. Prioritize minions with lower stats early and consider Divine Shield and Cleave minions for mid-game. Tribes like Murlocs, Undead and Dragons (which are hard to scale) do exceedingly well. 
  • Blood of Sargeras – This anomaly adds a new layer of strategy by limiting your total health. Balance defense and tempo carefully to succeed early, and transition to your desired build slowly. 
  • Denathrius' Anima Reserves – Expect powerful boards with two quests per player. Opt for a mix of early-game and late-game quests for momentum and goals.
  • Uncompensated Upset – This anomaly turns everyone into an overpowered Milhouse Manastorm. Focus on minion purchases to maintain board strength, as refreshing is a forgoing one minion.
  • Echoes of Argus – Build around Battlecries and Deathrattles for maximum effect. Avoid excessive refreshing and prioritize survival. If you have the opportunity to go for a Murloc Build, you are sure to have an easy game. 
  • Might of Khaz-goroth – Utilize high Attack and low Health minions strategically, especially with Divine Shield or Cleave. It becomes more impactful as the game progresses, so don’t forget to ensure your minions are placed in the correct position before your turn ends. 
  • Blessed or Blighted – Prioritize Divine Shield for left-most minions. Consider hero powers like Mannoroth or Cleave for synergy. For the right-most minions, Deathrattle Minions benefit incredibly from the Reborn, such as Leeroy The Reckless. 
  • Gladiator's Spoils – Build an advantage by winning early and maintaining it. Prioritize defense to maximize your wins. Greedy leveling plays might punish you, so remember to play to win every round if possible.
  • Summoning of Champions – Summoning of Champions makes games faster with a shared Tier 6 minion, offering a predictable start, but its impact on gameplay remains minimal due to its universal effect.
  • Money Match – The “Money Match” Anomaly creates a chaotic environment with all players starting at 10 Gold, drastically accelerating the game. Be prepared for fast-paced decisions that can determine the game's outcome within minutes.
  • Transient Treasures – This differs from the Sire Denathrius one, granting 2 new Quest Rewards per turn, empowering all players early on. The abundance of Quest Rewards introduces chaos and “fun RNG,” making it hard to rely on specific class synergies but embracing the chaos is part of the excitement.
  • Mimiron's Clockwork Stadium – Traditional higher-tier builds gain an advantage as they don't need to spend Gold on upgrades. Focus on defenses and wait for the right minions.
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  • Oops, All (Minion Type)! – Hero choice is crucial, as synergy with the chosen minion type becomes pivotal. Neutral minions are a safe option.
  • Grapnel of the Titans – The game becomes faster with frequent minion purchases. Focus on defenses before upgrading Tavern Tiers.
  • Packed Stands – This simplifies the game, favoring builds with higher-tier key minions. However, it makes Naga and Demon builds nearly unviable, given their essential minions are on lower tiers. Avoid these two minion types when this Anomaly is active.
  • Big League – Higher-tier builds benefit, while Naga and Demons struggle due to key minions' lower Tavern Tiers.
  • Little League – Favors low-tier builds, making Mech builds a top choice. Naga and Beasts are options, though Beasts face limitations due to Mama Bear's Tier 5 placement. Avoid Undead and Pirates when this Anomaly is active.
  • Overseer's Orb – Players receive their builds faster but face stiffer competition. Be cautious with Gold spending.
  • Perfected Alchemy – Prioritize using the Goldenizer on a valuable minion early. Survive while benefiting from the Golden minion.
  • Fortitude of Khaz-goroth – Utilize strong Health minions on the left and high Attack minions on the right. Ideal for certain Undead and Cleave strategies.
  • False Idols – Focus on upgrading Tavern Tier quickly, as Triple Rewards provide only Gold Coins.
  • A Faire Reward – Upgrading Tavern Tiers becomes crucial for desired minions. Balance upgrades and survival during mid-game.
  • Finicky Hourglass – Gameplay accelerates slightly, with heroes starting at Tavern Tier 2. Basic strategies remain unchanged.
  • Anti-Gravity Stadium– Swapping Attack and Health rarely has a significant impact. Prioritize strong minions regardless of their swapped stats.
  • Prudence of Amitus – Some builds benefit from extra gold gain, but this anomaly has a minimal impact on overall strategy.
  • Match Fixing – This anomaly provides additional Gold Coins, slightly increasing early-game purchasing power.
  • Up-Prizing – Upgrades now offer Darkmoon Prizes, speeding up gameplay. Upgrade wisely, focusing on survival.
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  • Reckless Enhancement – The random nature of this anomaly makes it unpredictable. Adapt to the enhancements provided each turn.
  • Wisdom of Ulduar – The impact of this anomaly diminishes as the game progresses. Prioritize minions with Divine Shield or Cleave.
  • Path of the Treasure-Seeker – Elemental Refresh builds benefit from this anomaly, but you must remember to balance refreshing and minion purchases strategically.


Hearthstone Battlegrounds Anomalies add an exciting layer of unpredictability and strategy to the game. Each anomaly presents unique challenges and opportunities, forcing players to adapt their strategies and think on their feet.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Anomaly Guide
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