Top 10 Strongest Hero Tier List: Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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Top 10 Strongest Hero Tier List: Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Here are our picks for the top 10 placeholders in our Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hero Tier List with the highest pick rates and winrates

In this ever-evolving Hearthstone Battlegrounds landscape, we've curated a list of the top heroes currently dominating the meta. Players favor these heroes for their game-changing abilities, impressive winrates, and high pick rates.

Top 10 Hero Tier List

Top 10 Strongest Hero Tier List: Hearthstone Battlegrounds
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In no particular order, here are the top 10 nearly broken Heroes in the current meta of Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

Thorim, Stormlord

Thorim, Stormlord, is the latest addition to Hearthstone Battlegrounds in Season 5. This powerful hero boasts a unique and game-changing Hero Power. At the start of the game, Thorim allows players to Discover a Tier 7 minion after spending 65 Gold. This exceptional ability can be obtained relatively early in the game, especially with the help of economy minions or a Pirate-centric strategy. However, players must exercise caution and take the necessary support units before acquiring the Tier 7 minion.

Thorim's strategy revolves around building a solid mid-game presence and maintaining tempo. Once the Tier 7 minion boost becomes available, players can craft their army and strategy around this high-tier unit. Thorim's versatile approach allows players to choose minions from any tribe, making him a flexible and exciting hero to master in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 5.

Sire Denathrius

His unique Quest-based Hero Power defines Sire Denathrius in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Players must choose one of two Quests at the game's start, with each Quest offering distinct challenges and rewards. Success hinges on selecting the Quest that aligns with the tribes in your lobby and swiftly completing it, as Sire Denathrius lacks a traditional Hero Power until the Quest is finished.

Depending on your Quest and Reward choices, Sire Denathrius excels with Menagerie, Mech, or Elemental compositions, offering a dynamic and adaptable gameplay experience with thousands of possible combinations. Mastering this hero requires strategic decision-making to harness the power of Quests and secure victory in the ever-changing tavern brawl.


Shudderwock, an engaging hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds who underwent a significant rework in the spring of 2023, boasts the unique power “Snicker Snack.” This ability allows you to trigger a friendly minion's Battlecry, providing an early-game tempo boost. Shudderwock excels with Battlecry minions, utilizing economy units, stat-boosters, and Battlecry synergies for strategic advantages.

This hero performs best with Undead, Dragon, and Quilboar minion types that emphasize Battlecries, often starting with tokens like Naga or Murloc tokens to achieve powerful triples. A high-roll game plan entails reaching Tavern Tier 5 swiftly, capitalizing on triples for 6-drop minions, and establishing a robust board presence. Shudderwock offers dynamic and exciting gameplay, catering to those who relish strategic versatility in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

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Master Nguyen

Master Nguyen is a highly versatile and powerful hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, thanks to his unique ability, “Power of the Storm.” He can choose between two new Hero Powers at the start of each turn. While this may seem random, it grants him exceptional adaptability and the potential for game-changing one-time abilities akin to Reno's golden minion transformation.

With Master Nguyen, players can select Hero Powers that suit their current needs, providing valuable tempo and strategic advantages, especially during the mid-game. This versatility makes Master Nguyen an excellent choice, and he sits proudly at the top of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List. Whether enhancing your minions with Divine Shield or turning them Golden, Master Nguyen offers a wide range of powerful options to secure victory in the tavern brawl.

E.T.C, Band Manager

E.T.C. is an engaging hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, known for the unique Hero Power, “Sign a New Artist (3).” This power allows you to Discover a Buddy, bringing an element of surprise and variety to your board. Playing with E.T.C. offers a dynamic experience, with Buddies often providing early-game advantages due to their unique abilities.

E.T.C. is a versatile hero with no specific minion type preferences or restrictions, making him an excellent choice for experimentation and enjoyment. Players often focus on rolling for Tier 4 buddies to secure victories, capitalizing on synergies like Imperial Defender for Deep Blues or Titanic Guardian and Master Gadrin for Naga or Quillboar strategies. E.T.C. promises an exciting and ever-evolving gameplay experience in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.


Chenvaala is an exciting hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, known for her unique Hero Power, “Avalanche.” This ability offers a 3-gold reduction in Tavern upgrade costs after playing 3 Elementals, making her a mid-game tempo powerhouse. Chenvaala's strategy involves Elementals in the early and mid-game, but she's adaptable and can thrive with various tribes later on.

While Elementals are favored, Chenvaala can pivot to different compositions, including Murlocs, Undead, or Menagerie. The key to success is staying focused on something other than forcing an Elemental build and maintaining tempo to adapt to the lobby's strengths. Chenvaala's versatility and unique ability make her a compelling choice, offering a dynamic and flexible gameplay experience in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

Dinotamer Brann

Dinotamer Brann is a prominent hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, known for his unique Hero Power, “Battle Brand.” This passive ability rewards players with a free ‘Brann Bronzebeard' once they purchase 5 Battlecry minions, an opportunity that arises once per game. Brann Bronzebeard, celebrated as the king of Battlecry minions, opens up various strategic avenues for players to explore.

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The key to success with Dinotamer Brann is to secure Brann Bronzebeard early in the game and assemble a synergistic team of Battlecry minions. Murlocs and Dragons, in particular, shine with Brann, as their abundant Battlecry effects and synergies can be doubled for potent in-game advantages. Dinotamer Brann offers a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience, allowing players to craft a powerful Battlecry-focused composition to dominate the tavern brawl.

Trade Prince Gallywix

Trade Prince Gallywix is a formidable hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, defined by his unique Hero Power, “Smart Savings.” This power gives players an extra Gold next turn after selling a minion, effectively doubling their economy. While Gallywix requires more strategic effort than some heroes, he offers substantial power through efficient economic management.

Playing as Gallywix revolves around meticulously buying and selling minions to accumulate gold for aggressive Tavern tier leveling and rerolling to find crucial pieces. He excels with builds that rely on this economic advantage, making him an ideal choice for Murloc and Pirate compositions. Gallywix's gameplay is straightforward, but players must balance their economic focus with maintaining a competitive tempo to secure victory. Overall, Trade Prince Gallywix offers a rewarding and dynamic experience centered on mastering the art of efficient trading in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

Tess Graymane

Tess Greymane is an unconventional hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, armed with the unique Hero Power “Bob's Burgles (1).” This power refreshes the Tavern with plain copies of her last opponent's warband, opening up opportunities to incorporate minions used by adversaries in the previous Combat Phase. While this offers versatility, it can also introduce unwanted tokens into the Tavern and pose challenges in a rapidly evolving game.

Players should consider adapting their strategy based on their opponents' builds to make the most of Tess' Hero Power. Targeting key minions from opponents and creating early triples can all be effective approaches. Tess Greymane offers a dynamic and adaptable gameplay experience, requiring players to adjust to the evolving battleground and seize opportunities to strengthen their roster effectively.

Infinite Toki

Infinite Toki, a dynamic hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, leverages her unique Hero Power, “Temporal Tavern (1),” to refresh the Tavern and introduce two higher-tier minions. Her strength lies in the midgame, typically between Tiers 3 and 4, where she secures powerful minions ahead of opponents, enabling her to adapt her strategy and build formidable compositions.

Toki's adaptability allows players to pursue diverse build directions based on available minions in Bob's Tavern, strongly emphasizing seeking high-tier minions to create game-winning synergies. She truly shines in Tier 7 games, consistently acquiring Tier 7 units, solidifying her status as an exceptional late-game hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds..

Top 10 Strongest Hero Tier List: Hearthstone Battlegrounds
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