HCS Major Fort Worth Details

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HCS Major Fort Worth Details

The HCSSLC23 Global Invitational is several days out and will keep Halo fans entertained this month. But once September comes, the finale for the HCS season will begin. 

Texas has been the place to be for Halo Esports in 2023, and it's finishing the season with a bang. Beginning September 1 and running through September 3, HCS Major Fort Worth goes down. 

HCS Major Fort Worth: When and Where

HCS Major Fort Worth will take place at the Fort Worth Convention Center from September 1-September 3 in Fort Worth, Texas. General Admission tickets cost $50, and VIP tickets $100. For the teams competing in HCS Major Forth Worth, Team Passes are $250 and will be available for purchase soon. 

Fans can use any of the eight partnered team discount codes to save 10% on admission tickets. Whichever team discount code you use, that team receives 10%. 

Seniors and Military also receive discount codes. Use SENIOR or MILITARY, respectively, at checkout. You can purchase tickets here.

HCS Major Fort Worth: How to Watch

Fans can tune into the action on either Twitch or YouTube. Twitch Drops and Schedules will be revealed as we get closer to HCS Major Fort Worth's kickoff. 

A Stream:

Twitch.tv/Halo – YouTube.com/@HaloEsportsHCS

B Stream:

Twitch.tv/HCS – YouTube.com/@HaloEsportsHCS

C Stream:

Twitch.tv/HCS_Red – YouTube.com/@HaloEsportsHCS

D Stream:

Twitch.tv/HCS_Blue – YouTube.com/@HaloEsportsHCS

HCS Major Fort Worth: HCS Open Championship

A few teams can secure spots in HCS Major Fort Worth by performing well in the Open Championship.
Image Source: @HCS Twitter

Before HCS Major Forth Worth kicks off, an HCS Open Championship will go down from August 12-13. The top 16 NA teams in HCS points can compete. The top 8 EU/MX/ANZ teams will also be competitors.

The top-performing teams in the HCS Open Championship will earn Travel and Lodging Coverage for HCS Major Forth Worth's Open Bracket. 

HCS Major Fort Worth: How to Qualify

Only a select handful of teams with be able to compete in HCS Major Fort Worth
Image Source: @HCS Twitter

The top 6 teams from HCSSLC23 will secure those sports for HCS Major Fort Worth. Spots 7-8 go to the NA teams with the most HCS points. The 9 and 10 go to the EU teams with the most HCS points, and 11 and 12 go to the MX and ANZ teams with the most HCS points, respectively. 

Spots 13-14 go to the Open Bracket Upper/Winners Teams, and 15-16 to the Open Bracket Lower/Elim Teams.

HCS Major Fort Worth: Tournament Format

The 16 Pool Play teams will first compete in Single Round Robin Best-of-5 matches. The top-ranked team in each Pool advances to Winner's Round Second, and third-place teams in each Pool move on to Winners Round 1. Last-place teams enter the Elimination Round 1 bracket. 

Once the Championship Bracket is ready, the 16 teams compete in Double Elimination Best-of-5 matches until the Grand Finals, where a Best-of-7 will determine the final HCS Major winner of 2023. 

HCS Major Fort Worth: Prizes

HCS Major Forth Worth has $250,000 in prize money up for grabs.

1st: $100,000

2nd: $60,000

3rd: $30,000

4th: $17,500

5th/6th: $8,000

7th/8th: $5,000

9th-12th: $2,500

13th-16th: $1,625

Also up for grabs are coveted secured spots in the HCS World Championship. The top 8 teams at HCS Major Fort Worth will lock in those seeds for the Halo World Championship 2023. 


One of the many festivities that will go down at HCS Major Fort Worth is a $5,000 Free-For-All Tournament. Available to all Major attendees, up to 512 players can compete in the FFA tournament for their share of the $5,000 prize money:

1st: $2,000

2nd: $1,200

3rd: $800

4th: $425

5th: $200

6th: $150

7th: $125

8th: $100

All players can preregister at hcs.ee.gg. Remember that you need an Esports Engine account to preregister and participate. 

HCS Major Fort Worth Details
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