Hazed Leaves TSM and Kanpeki Joins

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Hazed Leaves TSM and Kanpeki Joins

TSM is making some roster changes with their Valorant squad.

When hazed left NRG late last year, he had some strong opinions on the future of his career and Valorant Esports in general. With the exception of fighting games, the general consensus seems to be that Esports are for youngsters. And with Riot Games now shifted to a partnership league model for Valorant Esports and limited spots available for organizations to secure, organizations can't afford to recruit anyone who isn't the best of the best. Is signing a 33-year Valorant pro worth the risk? 

Not even hazed himself was sure about that. Even while hazed was still active with NRG, he contemplated hanging up his Esports jersey and calling it a career. But on the other hand, part of hazed felt he still had something to prove. 

After fielding both player and coach offers, hazed reunited with his old organization TSM in December 2022. Who better to prove himself with than his old running mates? 

But unfortunately, less than three months later, hazed is taking a step back. 

End of the Road?

TSM tweeted out an announcement that hazed was leaving the organization. In an accompanying video, hazed explained his reasons for leaving TSM.

Long story short, it wasn't them; it was him. Hazed admits that he felt he didn't vibe with his teammates and that it would be in everyone's best interest if he left the team. 

While hazed didn't go into details about what he plans to do in the future, he did mention that it won't be anything competitive. He is going to continue streaming and issued a tweet that he will talk about it more in his next stream. Best wishes to hazed in his future endeavors. 

Here Comes A New Challenger

With TSM waist-deep in the NA Split 1 right now, they needed to find an immediate replacement for hazed. And they found one in the form of Kanpeki.

Previously a member of Sentinels, Kanpeki has stepped up to fill hazed's spot. He made his debut as a member of TSM yesterday and helped TSM secure a 2-0 victory over The Guard. That puts TSM in third place in Group B with a 2-1 record.

Kanpeki posted a respectable 39/35/33 in the match. Kanpeki can help TSM keep their run going when they take on OREsports next week.


Hazed Leaves TSM and Kanpeki Joins
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