GTA 6 Trailer Has Been Released!

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GTA 6 Trailer Has Been Released!

The first GTA 6 trailer has been released, and while it looks incredible, it bears some bad news.

A few days ago, Rockstar Games posted a tweet about the release date of the first trailer for the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6. With the 5th instalment of the franchise celebrating it’s 10th birthday this year, it was a perfect occasion for R* to give us some official info about GTA 6. The wait is now officially over, as the 1st trailer for GTA 6 has been released!

GTA 6 Trailer

In the trailer, Rockstar confirmed that the 6th GTA game will have a female protagonist called Lucia, who supposedly starts the story in prison, but even after she gets out, continues to live on the darker side of life – as expected from a GTA main character.

In most of the trailer, we get glimpses of the beautiful and revamped Vice City, it’s citizens, and all the activities that await the player – such as going to clubs, riding dirt-bikes or taking a stroll across the beach, maybe wrestling some alligators.

GTA 6 Traile Lucia

While this trailer is more for the eyes than for the information-hungry brains, it reveals two very important aspects of GTA 6:

  • Alongside Lucia, there might be another playable character who also seems to be the main protagonist’s love interest,
  • GTA 6 won’t be released until 2025 – and it’s not even 2024 yet…

GTA 6 Trailer

So while our wait was already long, it seems that Rockstar Games won’t let us off the hook yet, as the new chapter of GTA is still more than one year away. However, we already waited 10 years, and GTA 5 still has plenty of things to do before we get our tickets to Vice City and hop on the train on Los Santos – keep an eye on ESTNN for all the details about GTA 6!

GTA 6 Trailer Has Been Released!
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