Top 10 Grass Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Ranked

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Top 10 Grass Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Ranked

Listing the strongest Grass legendary Pokemon you can find in Pokemon GO

Legendary Pokemon are very rare — and extremely powerful — Pokemon that are hidden throughout each major region. These strong variants are few and far in between, and are often included in the lore of their respective localities, inspiring stories of it's wonderful creation or it's raw destruction.

Legendaries of a certain type are an even rarer find. Luckily, grass legendary Pokemon are easy to find if you know where to look. Here we ranked each grass legendary Pokemon in the game, along with the best ways to get them.

Grass Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO


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Kicking off our list is Shaymin, a tiny Grass-type Pokemon whose Land Forme returned during the Sustainability Week 2023 event in April. Look out for future events that will bring this adorable grass legendary Pokemon back into the meta!


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Tangrowth, a Grass Pokemon that evolves from Tangela. Its excessive vine growth in warm climates lets this grass legendary Pokemon change whole forest areas. That said, finding a Tangrowth is like looking for a ball of yarn in a string factory.

To get a Tangrowth, evolve a Tangela by feeding it 100 candies and giving it a Sinnoh Stone.


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A classic Grass-type Pokemon from the first generation. Despite it's middling stats, Venusaur is one of the hardest grass legendary Pokemon to find out in the wild.

Venusaur spawn rates are higher when you pass by Farms, Forests, Gardens, Parks and other similar areas.


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Tsareena is the final evolution of the Bounsweet family and is a Generation 7 grass legendary Pokemon. What they lack in Stamina they make up for in their Base Attack stats, as well as rare Pokemon moves like Magical Leaf and Draining Kiss.

In-game, higher spawn rates for Tsareena occur during sunny/clear weather.

Tapu Bulu

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Known as the guardian of Ula'ula island, Tapu Bulu sports a good amount of resistances along with dependable Max CP. That said, Tapu Bulu's weakness against Poison gives places this grass legendary Pokemon low on this list.

You can catch Tapu Bulu when the Pokemon's 5-star raid returns in the annual rotations.


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The 3rd evolution in the Treecko family, Sceptile is yet another fully-evolved grass legendary Pokemon on our list. Higher base damage from Frenzy Plant and Fury Cutter and a balanced list of vulnerabilities and resistances puts Sceptile at #6.

High spawn rates for Sceptile have been reported during sunny/clear weather near Forest areas.


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One of the 9 evolutions from the Eevee family, Leafeon joins the list of Grass legendary Pokemon due to sheer rarity. It's easy enough to evolve an Eevee to turn into one by giving it 25 candy, but finding one out in the wild is a different matter entirely. Leafeon can only be found deep in forests, which is a pain to get to IRL. But those who manage to tame Leafeon get a powerful Solar Beam and a ton of Same Type Attack Bonus in its arsenal.


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Virizion is a grass legendary Pokemon has good CP, balanced vulnerabilities and strong DPS. Moreover, this Pokemon is the only Grass-type in the entire game that can use the Sacred Sword move.

This Legendary Pokemon spawns with Cobalion and Terrakion in Pokemon GO 5-star Raids.


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At the top of our list is Celebi, a Psychic & Grass Pokemon that is said to have travelled from the future as a good omen. Besides its near-zero capture rate, this leafy friend also knows the Magical Leaf move, which it shares with only one grass legendary Pokemon on this list. But despite Celebi's awesome DPS and skill variety, the time-travelling Grass legendary Pokemon also has a slew of vulnerabilities, placing it #2 on our list.

Celebi was available during the Johto Tour back in February 2022, where players were able to catch the elusive Pokemon after completing the event's special research missions.


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Kartana's Grass-Steel type gives this grass legendary Pokemon more resistances than any other Pokemon on this list. On top of that, Kartana also has the highest Base Attack out of all of the Grass Pokemon, giving it two reasons to be in our top 3. And despite it's strong weakness to Fire (a common Pokemon type), this Ultra Beast stands above the rest as the best grass legendary Pokemon in the game.

Kartana was introduced in a September 2023 event where players could only find Kartana in 5-star raid battles.


Top 10 Grass Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Ranked
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