Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina Build Guide

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Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina Build Guide

What are the best Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina builds? Let's start by saying that this character is very flexible and is able to adapt to different situations. For this reason, therefore, a myriad of different builds can be created, also based on your tastes and your way of playing. Having said that, in any case, there are always some builds that are better than others, which perhaps manage to make the character more effective and efficient and earn him a position higher up in the Tier List. In this article, therefore, we will give you some advice on the Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina builds so that you can use them during your adventure.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina Builds

As we have already mentioned previously, Katalina is a very versatile character who is able to adapt to different situations. You can either have a more aggressive approach and deal a lot of damage to your opponents or stay defensive and help your allies (a bit like Rosetta). What you need to know is that all her power depends on her partner, Ares. Once you have been able to fill Ares' gauge, you can summon him to deliver a truly powerful attack. Let's see together in detail which Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina builds to use.

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This Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina build is the right one for all those who decide to embark on their adventure based on the attack. Thanks to the weapons, skills, and seals in your possession, you will be able to inflict huge amounts of damage on your opponents. Additionally, with this build, you will be able to summon Ares more times than normal, giving you the ability to attack enemies with your partner.

  • Weapons: Murgleis or Luminiera Sword Omega
  • Skills: Azure Sword, Enchanted Lands, Frozen Blade, and Winter’s Rain
  • Sigils: Health, Attack Power, Critical Hit Rate, and Critical Damage


With this build, you will be able to highlight all of Katalina's debuff skills. In fact, you will have skills in your arsenal that will allow Katalina to increase the Stun gauge of enemies and inflict attacks that are capable of immobilizing them. Furthermore, even in this case, you can rely on Ares when your debuff skills are on cooldown.

  • Weapons: Ephemeron or Flame Rapier
  • Skills: Azure Sword, Winter’s Rain, Sacred Winds, and Heal
  • Sigils: Health, Injury to Insult, Quick Cooldown, and Cascade


Finally, you can also decide to opt for a Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina tank build. This build allows you, at the same time, to inflict as much damage as possible on your opponents and support your allies during the fight. You can summon Ares and then make use of certain abilities to help your allies before attacking your opponents. Furthermore, you can also use this summons before your opponents decide to carry out a powerful attack in order to make your team invincible. Finally, don't forget the ability to heal your companions as soon as you have the chance.

  • Weapon: Rukalsa
  • Skills: Azure Sword, Light Wall, Emerald Shield, and Heal
  • Sigils: Health, Aegis, Stamina, and Improved Guard
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Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina build

Granblue Fantasy Relink Katalina Build Guide
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