Granblue Fantasy Relink Rosetta Build Guide

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Granblue Fantasy Relink Rosetta Build Guide

What are the best Granblue Fantasy Relink Rosetta builds? Granblue Fantasy Relink gives you the chance to play as different characters, some better than others, as we highlighted in our Tier List. In this article, therefore, we will focus on talking about Rosetta, providing you with some builds that you can use during your adventure. As usual, even in the case of Granblue Fantasy Relink Rosetta builds, a lot depends on your way of playing, needless to say. Also, don't underestimate this character because of her physical appearance, because she has some very interesting skills in her arsenal that you can leverage. Let's see in detail everything concerning this character.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Rosetta Builds

The first thing to know is that this character has the power to plant roses in the ground, which are a danger to opponents and a help to allies. But how is it possible that they have two different functions at the same time? We have to thank one of the skills that Rosetta possesses, which, in fact, manages to make these roses weapons or resources depending on the person who touches them. Furthermore, Rosetta is able to add buffs to her allies based on the combos she performs. Having said that, let's see what Granblue Fantasy Relink Rosetta builds you can use.

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This build is useful for anyone who has a more aggressive playstyle and wants to inflict more damage on their opponents. Thanks to the weapons, skills, and seals you will use, Rosetta is able to continue attacking uninterruptedly even when she is attacked by enemies; the roses will attack when she does and she will also be able to dodge enemy attacks.

  • Weapons: Rose Crystal Knife, Sword Breaker, or Love Eternal
  • Skills: Iron Maiden, Lost Love, Spiral Rose, and Sillage
  • Sigils:  Critical Hit Rate, Critical Damage, Attack Power, Stamina, Skilled Assault, Damage Cap, Cascade, Quick Cooldown, and Other Damage Sigils


In case, however, you want to use a less aggressive approach and want to support your team, you have the possibility of building this Granblue Fantasy Relink Rosetta build. With this build, therefore, you will be able to give support to your allies whenever they need it, trying to keep them alive for as long as possible. Also, in this case, the roses will poison enemies, which will cause them to deal damage over time.

  • Weapon: Egoism
  • Skills: Rose Tycoon, Bouquet, Mesmerize, and Rose Barrier
  • Sigils: Health, Improved Healing, Skilled Assault, Aegis, Cascade, Quick Cooldown, and Flex Sigils

Granblue Fantasy Relink Rosetta

Granblue Fantasy Relink Rosetta Build Guide
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