Granblue Fantasy Relink Crewmate Cards and How to Get Them

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Granblue Fantasy Relink Crewmate Cards and How to Get Them

This article will show you how to get Granblue Fantasy Relink Crewmate Cards

Embark in a grandiose fantasy adventure with the brand new action RPG game developed by Cygames, collaborating with PlatinumGame. We don’t blame you if you thought this was a spin-off to the hit franchise Final Fantasy, because Platinum Games played a part in working for some of the FF series as well.

Additionally, the famed video game music composer Nobuo Uematsu was in charge of the soundtrack for Granblue Fantasy: Relink, a person whose musical arrangement style was prominent throughout the FInal Fantasy series and can be recognized almost immediately.

What are Crewmate Cards?

Granblue Fantasy: Relink Crewmate Cards and How to Get Them

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Simply put, these are a type of special currency that will let you unlock the various characters of Granblue Fantasy. There are 12 recruitable characters in the game, so naturally there’s 12 Crewmate Cards that you can obtain. Needless to say, most of these are pretty easy to obtain and you’ll just have to progress in the main story to get most of them. Let’s take a look at how to get them:

How to get Crewmate Cards

Granblue Fantasy: Relink Crewmate Cards and How to Get Them

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The first three Crewmate Cards can be obtained by progressing through different points of the story, and they’ll all be given to you by Siero:

  • Siero will give you your first Crewmate Card at the start of Chapter 4.
  • Help Zathma gain information at the beginning of Chapter 6 and Siero will give you the second Crewmate Card.
  • Returning to Seedhollow after Chapter 8 starts will have Siero grant you the third Crewmate Card.
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The next two are not necessarily part of the main story, and can be obtained through the following ways:

  • Get promoted to Veteran Skyfarer Rank after beginning Chapter 0: Skybound Heart, and you’ll receive a Crewmate Card.
  • Complete the License to Thrill rank-up quest to unlock another Crewmate Card.

The rest of the Crewmate Cards can be obtained after completing some side quests that you can undertake from the Quest Corner. Not all of them will reward you with a Crewmate Card and you’ll only get one Card per quest, so here is the list of side quests you need to finish:

  • Saga Grande: The Beginning.
  • The Saga Continues: Ice.
  • The Saga Continues: Fire
  • Hide and Chic.
  • Wings of Antiquity.
  • No One Likes Leftovers.

That makes 11 Crewmate Cards so you’re probably wondering how to get the last one. Well, getting that one requires a different approach as you’ll have to trade 7 Gold Dalia Badges with Sierokarte. It’s important to note that you can only do this after completing the main story.

Dalia Badges can be obtained by completing Quick Quests, which are multiplayer quests for the game, and admittedly, you have to do quite a few to get 7 badges. Once you’ve racked up enough badges, go straight to Sierokarte and trade in the last Crewmate Card!

What Characters can you Recruit from the Cards?

Granblue Fantasy: Relink Crewmate Cards and How to Get Them

As mentioned above, you can obtain up to 12 characters using Crewmate Cards, but who exactly can you recruit? They are as follows:

  • Cagliostro
  • Charlotta
  • Ferry
  • Ghandagoza
  • Lancelot
  • Narmaya
  • Percival
  • Siegfried
  • Vane
  • Vaseraga
  • Yodarha
  • Zeta
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Characters that don’t require any cards to obtain include:

  • Gran/Djeeta
  • Eugen
  • Io
  • Katalina
  • Rackam
  • Rosetta

They’re part of the main crew of the game and will join you by themselves as you progress the story.

And that concludes this article on how to obtain Crewmate Cards for Granblue Fantasy: Relink! The primary purpose of this item is to help you unlock the various characters throughout the game so you can make your journey unique and lively with the help of your roster.

The devs said that they’ll add two more characters with the arrival of the DLC in April 2024 and while that’s exciting news, we still don’t know if they’ll be obtained through Crewmate Cards or some other prerequisite quest. But we’ll surely be covering it when it comes out!

Granblue Fantasy Relink Crewmate Cards and How to Get Them
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