Goddess Order: Everything We Know About The 2D Mobile JRPG

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Goddess Order: Everything We Know About The 2D Mobile JRPG

Here is everything we know about the upcoming mobile side-scrolling JRPG adventure, Goddess Order.

There have been numerous JRPG releases lately, with the most recent one being Unicorn Overlord. And with Goddess World, Kakao Games intends to bring the classic JRPG experience to mobile devices. The deliverate 2D pixel-based art style intends to deliver an isolated experience for fans of the classic JRPG games from the early 2000s. The interesting artwork, along with an emotionally driven story that revolves around the passage of time, is surely an experience fans of the beloved JRPG genre will love.

For now, we have no additional information regarding the game’s length or whether it will feature microtransactions besides the official Teaser video dropped by the developer. the game is slated to be a single-plsyer adventure, but in the future the degeloprr tema also intends to accomadate a co-op player experience into the game.

The game is designed gi be played on touchscreen debices, being a mobile game obviously. The control system for the game is pretty straightforward, as it requires you to control the character using the on-screen joystick and simple controls. With slew of diverse characters featured all in the style of classic 2D JRPG game, Goddess Order intends to take players back to the ‘golden era’ or Japanese RPG titles.

Goddess Order Release Date

However, Kakao Games hasn't revealed any information regarding a release date for their ambitious mobile JRPG project, but we expect the game to be released sometime around the third quarter of 2024. Fans can keep their eyes peeled out on the game’s official site as we expect the developers to release new information about the game, pre-registration, launch dates, and more info.

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For now, the “Prologue” teaser is the only glimpse we have at how the gameplay will look like, and the game will contain three characters to play with as they embark on their journey to save the world.

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