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Alex Mcalpine
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15% of Girls in the United Kingdom Watch or Participate in Esports

Esports Kids

Today a report from Kids Insight showed some promising information for esports overall growth. Their report stated that 15% of UK girls aged 13-15 now watch esports. Additionally, they added that more 13-15-year-old girls watch esports and take part in esports than boys aged 13-15. Lastly, they stated that 84% of female teens spend time gaming, an increase of 9% from last years report.

The esports games that were said to be most popular among the 13-15-year-old age group were Overwatch, FIFA, and Call of Duty, in that order respectively. Fortnite and Minecraft are more popular games, but they aren't classified as esports in the study. League of Legends, Dota 2 and CS:GO are the most popular esports among the older crowd, but not for the 13-15-year-old range.

The issue for esports investors, companies, and sponsors is retaining the 13-15 year female old crowd once they age. According to the study once males reach the age of 16-18 their viewing rates increase drastically from about 15% to 33%. However, once females reach the age of 16-18 their viewing rates decrease from 15% to 10%.

Only time will tell if the esports and gaming industries can continue to retain their female fans as they age.


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