Ghostrunner 2 Rahu the Avatar Boss Guide

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Ghostrunner 2 Rahu the Avatar Boss Guide

Ghostrunner 2 is not an easy game to play even on its normal levels, but when it comes to defeating its bosses, things get even more serious. As, for example, in the case of the Ghostrunner 2 Rahu the Avatar boss. This boss is different from the first boss you had to defeat and can put you in even greater difficulty. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to explain in detail what you will have to do to overcome this clash.

Ghostrunner 2 Avatar boss: How to beat it

Like all the bosses in the game, the battle against Rahu will also be made up of different phases that you will have to face if you want to continue with the game. However, this boss will be different from the others as you will not have to fight against a single enemy, but rather against many small versions of him that will be present in the arena. Furthermore, there will also be platform phases to overcome (complete with traps) which can probably be considered the most difficult part of the entire battle. But let's proceed step by step.

Phase 1

As soon as you enter the battle arena, where you will have to face Rahu the Avatar, you will immediately realize that this boss fight will be different than the previous one. In this first phase, you will have to pay attention to a sort of blade that the boss will throw towards you to hit you. Obviously, even in this case, if you are hit, you will die instantly. For this reason, the most effective thing to use in this case is both dodging and staying in constant movement to avoid being hit.

Furthermore, since the boss will teleport around the arena and there will be no way to reach him at certain points, you will necessarily have to make use of the teleporters that are present so that you can spawn right where Rahu is. However, always do all this while being careful not to get hit by his blades. Our advice in this first phase is to make use of your shuriken to hit the enemy and stun him. Once you have hit it with the shuriken, in fact, you will be able to lock onto it to inflict damage. However, be aware that the stun period will not be very long.

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Follow this strategy a couple of times while constantly moving to deal damage to him. Once you have reduced his health bar by 25%, the arena scenario will change completely, and this means that you will have entered the second phase of the battle. Get ready because, although not very complicated, it could create a lot of confusion due to the world in which everything was designed.

ghostrunner 2 rahu

Phase 2

Once you enter the second phase of the fight, Rahu will summon a sort of huge portal in the center of the arena into which you will have to launch yourself. The peculiarity lies in the fact that, once inside, you will fall endlessly until you decide to use the grappling hook or dash towards one of the platforms that are present in this giant cylinder. However, be careful that on these platforms there will be many copies of Rahu that will be ready to hit you.

As in the first phase, Rahu will use his blades to hit you from a distance, so be careful to avoid them and always use the shuriken strategy to stun these mobs and attack them. These mobs will require a single hit to die, but to finish this second phase, you will have to kill them all. As before, also, in this case there will be portals that will teleport you between one platform and another, so use them to approach the mobs from behind and hit them. Keep in mind that the blades they throw at you, as well as being dodged, can also be parried or deflected, so it's up to you to choose which approach to use based on your skills.

Once you have been able to kill all the mobs on the platforms, it means that you will have inflicted enough damage on the boss to be able to continue with the third and final phase of the battle. Before leaving you with a detailed description of them and the strategy to use, we want to remind you that, in the event that you die during the second phase, you will not have to repeat the entire battle from the beginning, but you will start from the beginning of the second phase. Furthermore, while you are falling inside the large cylindrical portal, you will be almost invincible, and the blades will not be able to hit you. This will give you plenty of time to carefully study the positioning of the enemies.

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ghostrunner 2 rahu

Phase 3

Phase three of the battle against Rahu can be considered the most difficult phase to face. In fact, it is not based on combat, but rather on platforming and not even the simple one. In practice, at this point, Rahu will have regained his original size and will be in front of you in all his greatness. What you will have to do, therefore, is go through several platform phases to reach it. However, even if you are an expert at platforming, this phase can certainly put you in difficulty. In fact, what makes everything more difficult is the dynamics of cyberspace manipulation.

To help you understand, basically, walls, hooks, and anything else that can be used as a prop will not always be present, but you will have to use your ability to manipulate cyberspace to make it appear. However, it is not as simple as it seems. In fact, if you make something appear, something else will disappear, so you will have to calculate everything to the millimeter and your timing will also have to be calculated to the millisecond. In fact, if the objects you see are colored blue, it means that they are deactivated and therefore if you use them you will fall, as they can be crossed; while, if they are orange, you can use them without any problem.

This wouldn't even be so difficult if it weren't for the fact that, while you are trying to manipulate the environment with the right timing so as not to fall, Rahu will send various attacks towards you that will have to be avoided. In fact, this phase, which in reality can be divided into many small phases in turn, becomes difficult precisely due to the presence of these Rahu attacks, mostly consisting of vertical or horizontal lasers. Consequently, our advice to overcome this phase is to study well the path and the moment in which Rahu will make use of his attacks.

Fortunately, the developers didn't want to be too mean and added checkpoints at the end of each platforming section, so that, in case you die (and believe us, it won't be difficult at all), you won't have to redo the entire third one. phase from the beginning. Ultimately, with a bit of Parthian and several attempts, you will be able to get to Rahu and defeat him once and for all, putting an end to this long and exhausting battle.

ghostrunner 2 rahu

Ghostrunner 2 Rahu the Avatar Boss Guide
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