Ghostrunner 2 Ahriman Boss Guide

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Ghostrunner 2 Ahriman Boss Guide

Ghostrunner 2, like its predecessor, has levels where the sole purpose is to defeat a boss. While there aren't many of them in the game, unlike other titles, that doesn't mean they're easy to defeat. In this article, in fact, we will explain how to get the better of the Ghostrunner 2 Ahriman boss, the first boss you will encounter in the game, so that you can continue with your adventure in Jack's shoes and be able to witness what is the story that the developers decided to create.

Ghostrunner 2 Ahriman: How to beat him

The boss fight against Ahriman is not very complicated, according to the Ghostrunner 2 standards that One More Level has created. In fact, as with all the other levels of the game, even in this one, you will die with a single shot, but this time, the enemy you will have in front will not die with a single blow, but will require several. The first thing you need to know, in this regard, is that this boss fight is divided into two distinct phases, so pay close attention to the advice we give you to get the best of both phases and be able to win the battle.

Phase 1

As soon as you start the level, after a cutscene in which you can learn more about the story of Ghostunner 2, the enemies in front of you will notice your presence, and one of them will head towards you to start a fight. In this first phase, Ahriman will make more use of very fast body-to-body attacks, which, although they are not very difficult to parry, can catch you off guard if you have not yet fully familiarized yourself with the game mechanics. Furthermore, missing the timing of one of the attacks will almost certainly turn into certain death because the chances of being hit become higher.

Therefore, be careful, and in case you don't feel very comfortable with your parrying skills, make use of dodging so as not to get hit. Our advice is to aim to dodge attacks from the side, as Ahriman's blows have a fairly wide range, so they will still hit you if you try to dodge the blows by going backwards. Ghostrunner 2 is not like any other game where you can allow yourself the luxury of making a few wrong dodges and/or parries; you will die instantly if you do so.

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Another attack that the boss will use during this first phase of the battle is to launch a series of projectiles at you from afar. This attack, however, will not be very difficult to avoid as the projectiles are not very fast and the distance is long, so you will have plenty of time to dodge them or even simply move from the position in which you are about to not be hit.

Finally, the third attack that is present in Ahriman's arsenal in this first phase is a charged attack in which Ahriman will jump into the air and then violently launch himself onto the floor to create lateral shockwaves. In this case, the best strategy is to dodge attacks by going backwards, or, if you are not too close to your opponent, dodging to the side can still be a good alternative.

Ultimately, for this first phase of the battle, our advice is to try to stay as close as possible to your opponent so as to have the possibility of hitting him during the cooldown periods. In fact, once he has carried out an attack, he will have to wait a few moments before being able to carry out another one. Take advantage of these moments to hit him. However, pay close attention to his positioning in the arena, which, although small, could create problems for you due to the high speed with which Ahriman will move. In fact, the only times he will stand still are during cooldown times.

ghostrunner 2 ahriman

Phase 2

Once you have managed to inflict enough damage on the boss to drain a quarter of his health bar, the second phase of the battle will begin. At the end of the first phase, you will be catapulted into the void, and an NPC will save you. Consequently, before you can actually start the second phase of the battle, you will have to do a small platforming section to return to the previous arena. However, in addition to being careful not to fall, you will also have to be careful not to be hit by Ahriman's shots.

Once you are on the platform, the NPC who just saved your life will be your lifeline for this second phase. At first, he will throw an electrical charge at Ahriman in such a way as to put him into a stagger state. Use this opportunity to approach quickly using the grappling hook and inflict damage before the effect wears off and the boss starts using his attacks to hit you.

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The attacks in this phase are the same as those we described previously, so continue with the strategy and advice we have already given you. However, now the boss will be able to make another move, decidedly more dangerous than the others. In fact, in his arsenal, there will be a second charged attack, which, however, unlike the other, instead of creating lateral shock waves, will create a huge circular shock wave that will take over the entire area of the arena. The only way to not get hit and therefore not die is to use your grappling hook to attach yourself to the NPC, who will constantly fly above you. However, you will have to take your time well; otherwise, you still risk getting hit.

Speaking of the NPC, do you remember the electric charge with which the second phase of the battle actually began? Well, don't forget about it. In fact, this is not a one-off countermeasure, but after a charging period, the NPC himself will tell you that he is ready to discharge another one. Make use of this attack, as it is able to block the enemy, and you will have the opportunity to land hits.

In conclusion, what you will have to do in this phase is follow the strategy you adopted in the second phase, modifying it to adapt it to the new, very dangerous attack that Ahriman is able to carry out. In fact, it is hands-down the most dangerous attack in his arsenal. Also, don't forget about the NPC who saved your life at the end of the first phase because his electric charges can make the difference between life and death, so make use of him. Finally, the last thing to know is that, fortunately, if you die during the second phase, don't worry: you won't have to start the battle again from the first phase, but you will start again from the beginning of the second.

ghostrunner 2 ahriman

Ghostrunner 2 Ahriman Boss Guide
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