Get Rich By Getting The Most Views In Content Warning

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Get Rich By Getting The Most Views In Content Warning

Content Warning is a dream come true for gamers that love horror movies. We will tell you exactly how to get views on your content and thereby make you rich.

Content Warning hit Steam’s shelves like hotcakes. The game that is currently free on stream came out in days and has already garnered a large following. The game fills every horror movie lover’s itch to create a movie themselves.

In order to excel in Content Warning, players must garner the most views. The game main objective is to gain views and survive. We will show you exactly how to gain views and go viral in Content Warning. Getting views is also the main way to make money in the game. It is therefore crucial to learn how to get views.

1. Play with Friends

Get Rich By Getting The Most Views In Content Warning

Content Warning is an online multiplayer game. The game is, therefore, best played with friends. Not only will you have fun playing the game but having friends will help you make better videos. Just like in real life, people enjoy watching creators do collaborations with other creators. Collab videos or videos with more than one person therefore get more views. The algorithm inside the game also pushes content that has multiple people. The audience can also “fan” you that makes you get consistent views from them.

2. Film the Monsters (Duh)

Get Rich By Getting The Most Views In Content Warning

The best part about Content Warning is the amount monsters that it presents to you. The sheer variety of these creepy critters and creepers is what makes the game interesting. It comes as no surprise that the more variety of monsters you can film, the more views you get. Keep an eye out for the types of monster you shoot. If your video has a large amount of monsters, it will get a large amount of views. Additionally, try getting clear shots of the monster’s faces. This small addition will make your videos more appealing for your audience. The monster variety also allows a variety of scenarios. Speaking of scenarios-

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3. Scenarios

Get Rich By Getting The Most Views In Content Warning
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The videos you create have to be interesting for them to get views. In order to make the videos interesting, add multiple scenarios in the video. The videos can feature multiple scary instances such as your friend getting stuck in spider webs or being chased by a gun monster. You could also feature your friend being the hero and saving another teammate.

4. Surroundings

In order to get views, make sure to make your background pretty (or eerie, whatever fits the mood). Much like normal videos, make the backdrop of the video compliment the scenario you are shooting. The background can contain things like trees, a monster in a corner, dead bodies and so much more. Make the video interesting to look at via not just the subject of the video but also the atmosphere.

5. Include Creepy Objects You Find

Videos with creepy aspects to them tend to do well with viewers. The best things that are considered creepy are bones. The bones that you find lying around near monster habitats is what gets you the most views. These bones can be ribs, spines and even skulls in the area. Use them in your background or set the stage to your scenario by following a trail of bones that lead you to a monster.

6. Use Them Emotes

Emoting in dire situations makes your videos hilarious. Emoting while running away from a monster easily makes a situation funny without doing much. After multiple jumpscares, viewers will be waiting for a good laugh. So, whenever an emote is appropriate for your video spam it. Funny videos are often what go viral the most. Other videos that do well are ones that are filmed perfectly. That takes us to-

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7. Shoot like a Professional

Videos that are filmed properly with a narrative to them are the ones that hit the spotlight. Make sure to have proper cinematography and find ways to create a story through your video. People generally gives views to videos thaat have a story behind them. Make sure to string together the videos properly to make it look like an actual horror short (or horror comedy, remember to use them emotes).

8. Use Your Voice

Include your voice to the video. This gives the video a personality that helps you make gret content. Videos where you are scared by a monster and let out an audible squeal will always do better than videos where the camera just turns and runs away. On top of that, it humanizes the video and makes it seem like someone real is filming the video.

These tips are sure to make you a viral content creator with tons of views in the horrific world of Content Warning.

Get Rich By Getting The Most Views In Content Warning
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