General Drakkisath Warcraft Rumble Boss Fight Guide

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General Drakkisath Warcraft Rumble Boss Fight Guide

The General Drakkisath Warcraft Rumble Boss Fight is one of the hardest in the game, due to a unique mechanic on the map state. However, it isn't impossible, thanks to a cheeky tactic.

This Warcraft Rumble General Drakkisath Boss Fight Guide was tested on the campaign boss fight, but it will work for his quest and Surge versions. It will also work for the Heroic version, but obviously just for Tirion, though the strategy can be used with anyone providing you have the Whelp.

General Drakkisath Warcraft Rumble Boss Fight Guide

The Map mechanic

General Drakkisath Warcraft Rumble Boss Fight Guide

So, the map is unique because of the flame pits (shown on the lower right and upper left) which are triggered by the fire spot on the opposing side. When a unit is on the flame button it will trigger and flame burn on the fire bit. For Quest and Surge variants, this is enough to kill almost the full HP of any enemy, for the campaign map, however, it's not quiet enough. However, it will soften them up enough to make it easy.

The strategy

General Drakkisath Warcraft Rumble Boss Fight Guide

The key to this strategy is using Whelp eggs on the bottom to constantly trigger the flame area on the lower right side. If done correctly, you will only need to spawn these once and you'll be good. The good thing about this strategy is, technically any other five units and leader can execute it.

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Once the Whelps are in place, you want to focus on the left side of the map, claiming the left Tower (Summon Stone), and then focus all your effort down that lane. Note that the AI will spawn units on the right side to trigger the button, so timing can be key, and avoid using squishy ground units.

Our Team

General Drakkisath Warcraft Rumble Boss Fight Guide

The key here is your level, personally, I found Tirion was the best, and while my one is really high level, his healing and Buble talent are key here (though I actually left concentration on when I first killed it). In theory, any similar team would work, the key is strong flying units, and high HP. Harpies are a good option here, though watch out for the Drake. S.A.F.E Pilot is great for the final push, alongside the Huntress. Blizzard was the spell we used, but most damage spells work just to finish off enemies on the right side. For us, Blizzard worked well as it slows, note that if you have the Cold Snap talent for Blizzard that would make it even easier.

The most important part is really just your levels. If you combine the Whelp Eggs with your strong other five minis and leader, you should be absolutely fine.

Alternative minis

  • Banshee – can be good to take over the Giants
  • Gryphon Rider – I picked Huntress for the AOE, but Gryphon Rider is a great cheaper alternative
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And that's about it, the fight certainly looks a lot harder than it is, with the key mechanic being learning how to use the map to your advantage

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