Garmin Announces Health And Fitness Smartwatch For Esports Pros And Streamers

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Garmin Announces Health And Fitness Smartwatch For Esports Pros And Streamers

Garmin's latest product is aiming to help esports athletes and gamers track their bodies during gaming.

Gaming is something that entertains people for hours, bringing us all sorts of emotions, from joy to stress. During times like these, our bodies tend to go through a surprising lot. That's why Garmin, known for its excellent smartwatches, is introducing a new smartwatch called the Instinct Esports Edition. This new edition is programmed specifically with esports athletes, streamers and gamers everywhere in mind.

Instinct Esports Edition Features

A gamer playing at a computer with a Garmin Instinct Esports Edition smartwatch on

To begin, the Instinct Esports Edition has everything that a normal smartwatch would. These include things like notifications if synced with a smartphone and GPS tracking. But the main focus of it is to help gamers monitor their health with a focus on competitive play.

How do they do it? The short answer is through body metrics tracking. This data is taken from monitoring your body's responses to both daily life as well as intense or more casual gaming experiences. The Instinct Esports Edition is equipped with a heart rate monitor that lets the wearer know what their heart rate is while at rest and how hard their heart is working during specific gaming moments. In addition, there is a sleep monitor that gives detailed reports about their sleep cycles. This gives the user precious data, especially considering many have late-night grind sessions!

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The Instinct uses this data to evaluate variations in heart rate to track stress levels. Though games are fun, the competitive side of them makes people get invested, and in tense moments, quite stressed. Stress management, as we know, is key to staying on top of the competition. There's also a body battery energy monitor that takes all the info compiled about sleeping habits and daytime heart rate to help users know when to rest after a long day of the grind.  With these metrics, wearers can figure out when to relax and keep the mental edge.

To use the tracking features during their games, users simply have to activate the esports activity on the watch. Then the watch will take note of all those data metrics outlined above. Once the user is done playing, they sync their activity to the Garmin Connect app, which stores all of their data to see how they react in gaming situations and long term trends.

On-stream tracking and more

An example of the Garmin Instinct Esports Edition utilizing the STR3AMUP! software monitoring heart rate and stress levels

Another neat feature of the Instinct Esports Edition is something called STR3AMUP! This PC software is for streamers that want to broadcast their metrics to their audience. With this program, streamers can show their audience things like their heart rate, stress and body battery. Besides just being an interesting thing to see, it'll help streamers and pros show viewers the physical and mental demands of competitive play.

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Finally, there are 30+ apps that users have access to that are for the physical side of things. These are preloaded with activity profiles to help people keep fit, even if they have low physical activity lifestyles. In the days of COVID-19 and being stuck inside, these types of apps can be great for staying healthy.

Those interested in the Instinct Esports Edition smartwatch can buy one on Garmin's website for $299.99.

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