Game Awards: Wonder Woman Game Revealed, Developed by Monolith

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Game Awards: Wonder Woman Game Revealed, Developed by Monolith

Well, as Geoff said, no one had it on their Bingo Cards, and I think he was right.

So Monolith, having last released Middle-Earth: Shadow of War back in 2017, is back with their next game Wonder Woman.

We know very little about the game as things stand, as with all things at the Game Awards. Monolith is certainly known for its exciting Action-Adventure games, with its Middle-Earth series, in particular, picking up a lot of praise from fans and media alike.

While we’ve had a lot of superhero movies, and for gaming, we’ve certainly had our fair share. However, Wonder Woman has never been shown any love on that front, so it’s good to see Wonder Woman finally getting a chance in the video game space.

As for this title, no release date or any other details were shared. Though, as mentioned above, it’s likely to be an action-adventure title. We doubt we’ll see the Nemesis system from Middle-Earth making its way into the Wonder Woman game; however, there’s always a chance Monolith look to utilize their unique feature in a future game.

That’s about it for now, sadly. We can speculate until the cows come home, but it’s probably best that we all just sit by our Twitter accounts and refresh that feed until we get more information.

Game Awards: Wonder Woman Game Revealed, Developed by Monolith
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