Game Awards: Alan Wake 2 Announce as Series Returns

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Game Awards: Alan Wake 2 Announce as Series Returns

After the remaster release in 2021, we’re finally getting a sequel to the hit series.

After for feels like an age, it’s finally time for Alan Wake to return to our consoles (and PCs), as developer Remedy Entertainment gives us another look at the world of Alan Wake. Same Lake, the series creative director, and writer on the series has confirmed that the game is going to go full-on Survival Horror. While the series has had “elements of horror” in the past, and certainly Remedy likes a creepy aesthetic, it looks like Alan Wake 2 will be the series’ first real attempt at horror.

It’s something fans have been clambering for since the series first came out, and Remedy is now fully embracing the series horror aesthetic. Personally, as someone who’s too scared to play horror games, I say good luck to you all, as the reveal trailer alone is enough to give most people nightmares.

Unlike previous titles in the series, however, with this title heading to multiple platforms and not just Xbox. Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on the same day, Alan Wake 2 is finally heading to multiple platforms on day one.

Remedy Entertainment has quickly become one of the most popular developers in the industry. Based in Finland, they’ve produced a series of hit titles; with their most recent release, Control, picking up countless awards during its life.

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Alan Wake 2 is expected to release in 2023, and, while it’s not yet confirmed, it looks like Alan Wake is being played by Jared Leto. That or a cross between him and Jake Gyllenhaal.