G2 v Rogue – LEC Summer 2022 Grand Finals Malmö Recap – Rogue win 2022 Summer LEC Title

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G2 v Rogue – LEC Summer 2022 Grand Finals Malmö Recap – Rogue win 2022 Summer LEC Title

Finally, we arrive in Malmö for our LEC Summer 2022 Grand Final as G2 v Rogue kicks off.

Months of LEC action has brought us to this final moment in Malmö, Sweden. The LEC is finally hosting an in-person Grand Final again and it looks set to be a banger. With Fnatic v Rogue up first, followed by the winner taking on G2 today. Would G2 continue their winning run or could Rogue finally lift the curse and claim an LEC title?


G2 v Rogue Game 1

A huge opportunity for RGE to silence some of their doubters in Game 1. As for G2, they could build some key early momentum if they can put RGE to the sword early. Despite RGE picking up the early first blood, neither side ever made any significant progress. However, by the second Drake spawning that all changed for RGE. They claimed the Drake but crucially they aced G2 despite it looking like G2 would secure it. RGE turned that into a Rift Herald as they secured a massive 5k lead.

Once RGE had a grip on the mid game, they never looked likely to let go of it. With the Baron secured, RGE began to siege the G2 base as they valiantly looked to hold out. With their base in tatters, G2 couldn't keep RGE out of the base and they secured a massive Game 1 victory.

G2 v Rogue Game 2

Time for cool heads on the side of RGE, as they look to pile the pressure onto G2. Another really tight early game, with neither side making any major advantages on the map. By the mid game, RGE had a slender lead, though G2 had a 2-1 advantage on Drakes on the Infernal Rift. The fourth Drake was the moment that RGE sprung the trap on G2. RGE set up inside the lower river bush as they pounced on G2 and killed four members. RGE quickly moved to Baron as G2 was left 6k behind and licking their wounds. While RGE remained ahead and with Baron on their backs, G2 still found a way to win a fight as they pushed into the RGE base.

A hero play from Malrang on RGE kept them alive, though that teamfight win might give G2 the impetus to win Game 2. Despite the late push from G2, RGE, and in a large part Comp just had too much damage for G2 to handle. RGE pushed again into the G2 base and this time they had enough to seal the victory. That put RGE onto a 2-0 heading into what could be the final game of the 2022 LEC Summer Grand Finals

G2 v Rogue Game 3

Would it all come down to this Game 3. Could RGE really be on course for that elusive LEC title or would G2 win three in a row to win it? Well, it certainly started perfectly for RGE, blazing a trail early on to secure a 4k lead. RGE continued to keep up the pressure on G2, moving to a 7k lead with just 21-minutes on the clock. With the former champions looking out of ideas. RGE kept up the pressure as their lead increased more and more with every moment. G2 might have looked out of ideas but RGE certainly had plenty. They marched into the G2 base and that was that. RGE took down G2 in a 3-0, going against everything everyone had predicted going into the series.

RGE, is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. That ended with the 2022 LEC Summer Split. RGE can now build a legacy, RGE can build a future. RGE will now represent EU as the Number 1 seed at Worlds, and what an honor that will be for the team.


G2 v Rogue – LEC Summer 2022 Grand Finals Malmö Recap – Rogue win 2022 Summer LEC Title
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