Fnatic v Rogue – LEC Summer 2022 Finals Malmö Recap

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Fnatic v Rogue – LEC Summer 2022 Finals Malmö Recap

Finally, we arrive in Malmö and get underway with Fnatic v Rogue. The winner would set up an LEC Summer 2022 Grand Final in Malmö against G2.

Months of LEC action has brought us to this final moment in Malmö, Sweden. The LEC is finally hosting an in-person Grand Final again and it looks set to be a banger. With Fnatic v Rogue up first, followed by the winner taking on G2 tomorrow. Will G2 retain its LEC crown? Can Fnatic claw back a title? Or will Rogue finally lift the LEC trophy?

Fnatic v Rogue Game 1

It was safe to say that FNC were the favorite for this series. All three members of the desk and the LEC Discord gave them a 3-0 or 3-1 win. With everything against them, could RGE upset the odds? FNC started with the ideal early game, picking up early kills and an early lead. For RGE, they never managed to get a grip of Game 1, and once they fell behind they always looked like they would struggle. FNC never took their feet off the gas; once they secured, they never gave up. With just 24-minutes on the clock, the RGE Nexus had fallen and FNC secured Game 1.


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Fnatic v Rogue Game 2

RGE have to brush themselves off before Game 2 and get back into this series. Otherwise, their long-running failure at winning a LEC title will continue. A better start for RGE in Game 2, as they found a slight lead early on. They kept it up into the mid game, always staying one step ahead of FNC who tried to stay in the game. By the time we got into the late game, RGE had pushed ahead with their lead and were knocking at the door of the FNC base. A huge team fight win for RGE, and with FNC aced, we had a series on our hands. Game 2 is secured by RGE as they came back into the series with a bang.

Fnatic v Rogue Game 3

With the series now poised at 1-1, anything could still happen. FNC picked up a quick win in Game 1, while RGE won by death of a thousand cuts in Game 2. A much closer Game 3, saw no one in any sort of significant lead by the 20-minute mark. Moving into the mid game, RGE pulled ahead despite FNC claiming the Baron RGE were able to take enough of their members down. The fight got RGE a 3k lead. From that point on, RGE never let up as they moved into series point and pilled the pressure onto the shoulders of this FNC roster.

Fnatic v Rogue Game 4

With RGE finally in a position where they can win the series, could they maintain their cool and win it all? As for FNC, could they come from behind one more time to head to the final. RGE took an early lead as they try to shut down FNC and head to the Grand Final tomorrow. It was the Larssen show in Malmö as RGE blitzed FNC in Game 4. A huge win prior to Baron handing RGE the objective, and from that point on it looked like it was all over for FNC. FNC base was torn apart as RGE left them with very few options left. With 3 inhibitors down, RGE made a push for the final time in the series. FNC fought valiantly at the end but it was RGE's day in Malmö and it was their chance to win it. The win gives RGE another shot at the LEC title against G2 Esports. Could this finally be the time that RGE take the crown?

Fnatic v Rogue – LEC Summer 2022 Finals Malmö Recap
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