G2 Release Face Mask to Support COVID-19 Aid Fund

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G2 Release Face Mask to Support COVID-19 Aid Fund

G2 has released a #G2ARMY-themed, non-medical face mask in support of Charité, one of Europe’s largest university hospitals.

G2 will donate all proceeds to the Berlin-based hospital’s emergency aid fund for use in the fight against COVID-19. In particular, to assist front line medical workers.

G2’s partner, Mastercard is also on board with the aid effort. Pledging to cover all production and shipping costs of the masks as well as matching all profits from the face masks to support The Charité.

“We realize this is a challenging time for our fans around the world and want to do our part to fight against the coronavirus pandemic and support our communities”. Said Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, G2 Esports CEO.

According to Rodriguez the organization hopes the release of the face mask will help G2 fans feel they can play their part “in fighting against COVID-19 while supporting our everyday heroes healthcare workers.”

Rodriguez also emphasized G2's support of medical workers on the front line; “We are grateful for the brave front line medical workers who leave their homes every day so that we can stay safe in ours”.

G2's partner, Mastercard, also spoke in praise of the initative; “it is great to see that this partnership also supports the enormously important and valuable work of Charité”. Said Jessica Claar, VP of Marketing Communications at Mastercard Germany & Switzerland. Claar also added Mastercard was “pleased to strengthen” their partnership with G2 Esports “during these unprecedented times.”

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Esports impact

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on global sport and esports. Esports, has for the most part been able to continue; albeit with events moved online rather than at local events or big arena tournaments. While the impact has been noticed, with some international events like MSI (which G2 are the defending champions of) being canceled completely, the global esports calendar has mostly gone unchanged.

As certain countries start to ease lockdown measures, and the world begins to come outside and look to heal, G2 esports are doing an important thing for those still working hard to protect people.

The masks are available here from the G2 shop, with fans able to make a statement while also providing vital help to those on the front line. G2 is able to ship the masks globally. Though delays are expected outside of Germany with specific countries (China, Sweden, Saudi Arabia) expecting slight delay or alternative methods. In the case of Saudi Arabia G2 are unable to fulfill orders at this time.

Image: G2 Esports.

G2 Release Face Mask to Support COVID-19 Aid Fund
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