G2 Esports vs Weibo Gaming Preview and Predictions – LoL Worlds 2023

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G2 Esports vs Weibo Gaming Preview and Predictions – LoL Worlds 2023

G2 Esports vs Weibo Gaming will kick off Day 2 of the Swiss stage. Another high-stakes skirmish between two of the fiercest teams out there as a rising star in the LPL goes toe-to-toe with Europe's best pro-League roster.

The Worlds 2023 Main Event is in full swing, and the competition's already getting hot! After a surprising draw that pit regional teams against each other, only a handful of match-ups didn't get locked in a civil war of their own. One of these was G2 vs WBG. Both teams walked out of the first day with their first win, but only one roster will keep all three of their lives after their next bout.

If you want to bet on League of Legends or love the game, this G2 Esports vs Weibo Gaming esports preview is for you!

G2 Esports vs Weibo Gaming Preview

G2 Esports

G2 Esports vs Weibo Gaming

The Kings of Europe pulled off a spectacular victory in their lengthy skirmish against Korea's #4 seed. Their exhibition match gave the world a taste of what the LEC Kings were capable of, and their list of adversaries aren't getting any easier. Nevertheless, the baseball jersey-clad pro-roster has never looked more confident, especially whenever Hans Sama gets to play Draven.

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G2 Esports Roster

  • Toplaner: Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik
  • Jungler: Martin “Yike” Sundelin
  • Midlaner: Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther
  • ADC: Steven “Hans Sama” Liv
  • Support: Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle

Player to Watch

BrokenBlade's dominant top-lane carry plays have made every single highlight reel in G2's recent seasons.

Weibo Gaming

The meme of the LPL holding 4/5 of the best teams in the LoL Esports sphere is hard to deny, especially when their 4th seed easily dominates the best ranked NA team with a whopping 15k gold difference. Weibo Gaming is an absolute menace when playing against rosters outside of their league, finding ways to stay on top even when the enemy catches them out of position. That said, they haven't gotten a chance to test their mettle against Europe's finest yet.

Weibo Gaming Player Roster

  • Toplaner: Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok
  • Jungler: Wei “Weiwei” Bo-Han
  • Midlaner: Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao
  • ADC: Wang “Light” Guang-Yu
  • Support: Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song

Player to Watch

Whenever Light does well in his lanes, the rest of the team follows suit.

Weibo Gaming vs G2 Esports Predictions

It's hard to predict a winner between two highly-consistent rosters, but G2 has proven time and time again that they are experts at making their enemies commit mistakes which they capitalize on. If the question was “who would win in a slugfest?”, our bets are on BrokenBlade's team.

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How to watch G2 Esports vs Weibo Gaming

Keep an eye on the Riot Games & LoL Esports Twitch or YouTube channels. The Main Event of Worlds 2023 resumes on October 19 at 01:00 ET/00:00 CST/22:00 PT.

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G2 Esports vs Weibo Gaming Preview and Predictions – LoL Worlds 2023
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