G2 Esports vs BLG Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 9

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G2 Esports vs BLG Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 9

Europe's last hope for a Worlds title steps up for their last chance to win against one of the most dominant LPL rosters this season. G2 Esports vs BLG

The only LEC team left standing versus the only Chinese team that hasn't gotten into Knockouts. G2 Esports vs Bilibili Gaming was an incredible series that rounded out the last day of eliminations. Both teams were hard-pressed to find the game-winning lead. Inventive plays forced each and every player to constantly adapt, and led to memorable silver scrapes that gave us the most dynamic fights we've ever seen this season.

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G2 Esports vs BLG Recap

Game 1

G2's confident off-meta pick on Kog and Braum were answered by Bin's Jax and their ADC's roaming power with Xayah. That said, the fear factor on G2's botside didn't last however as BLG baited summoner spells and quickly found a kill lead 7 minutes in.

fnatic vs weibo gaming worlds

G2 was able to find a few kills as the game progressed, but their botlane duo couldn't force any winnable fights as BLG scaled. Eventually, the LPL champs took control of the entire game and not only got Soul Point, but a Baron as well. At this point, every attempt to get a pick came out flat for BrokenBlade and co.

The name of the game for the LEC reps was to buy time for Hans Sama to scale. But a teamfight gone wrong gave Elk's team another ace, and the way to Fnatic's base was undefended, giving Yagao and co. the first nexus of the series.

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Quick Stats

  • Teams: G2 0 – 1 BLG
  • Time: 34:20
  • Kills: 3 – 16
  • Turrets: 2 – 9
  • Gold: 54.1k – 67.8k
  • Dragons: 1 – 4
  • Barons: 0 – 1

Game 2

With more engage potential on the LPL team's side, Mikyx decided to lock in Lissandra focus on Elk's Rakan. At the same time, G2's Nocturne-Neeko mid-jungle combo really set the pace for the game they wanted to play.

g2 esports vs blg worlds

Misplays from XUN gave G2 opportunities to push their lanes more aggressively when the laning phase kicked off. A few more kills gave G2 more of a lead before BLG got a shutdown on Yike. A few more skirmishes past the 15-minute mark saw G2 keep their advantage and push for 4 drakes. However, a scrappy teamfight in bot jungle ended up in BLG's favor, and let them equalize the killscore.

In 30 minutes, G2 was able to build an impressive lead, getting Mountain Soul and the tower objective advantage. Nevertheless, Elk and co. were tenacious on the Rift, keeping a steady 1k gold throughout the match and matching G2 at every turn.

After the LEC #1 seed claimed the Elder Dragon, BLG went all out and forced the fight to keep G2 from capitalizing on the buff. Eventually, Bin's team took another fight which gave them the biggest gold advantage, and almost ended the series. However, the long flank from Mikyx caught them off guard and let G2 pick off BLG's hardest hitters before they won game 2.

Quick Stats

  • Teams: G2 1 – 1 BLG
  • Time: 43:57
  • Kills: 21 – 20
  • Turrets: 8 – 6
  • Gold: 83.9k – 79.4k
  • Dragons: 4 – 0
  • Barons: 1 – 1
Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season

Game 3

Mikyx going on Bard was a smart move to control BLG's AD carry and slow-moving support, but the teamfight potential was higher on BLG's side, so both rosters had to consider every angle or lose their place at Worlds.

An insanely fun 2-for-2 at 1:30 kicked off the match, giving Hans Sama uncontested cs on bot side. Meanwhile, Bin had control of his lane, having more creep score and kills over BB's Gnar. A hard clash for first Herald gave BLG another pick, but all-in-all the game remained very close at 13 minutes.

g2 esports vs blg worlds

Both sidelane champs from G2 switched lanes to mitigate Elk's advantages, yet no matter how hard G2 played, they couldn't stop XUN's killing spree from wrecking the LEC team's midlane. Caps and co. decided to play around item completion before Soul, but the risk was enormous, But a win in a teamfight after 20 minutes meant winning the series.

By the end, the boys of G2 could only watch as their base was slowly taken over by the LPL siege. After BLG slowly pried open G2's base, they went in for the final fight and destroyed the enemy nexus, eliminating the last team from Europe and earning their spot in Quarterfinals.

Quick Stats

  • Teams: BLG 2 – 1 G2
  • Time: 29:05
  • Kills: 16 – 5
  • Turrets: 11 – 2
  • Gold: 57.6k – 46.8k
  • Dragons: 4 – 0
  • Barons: 2 – 0

How to watch Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

Keep an eye on the Riot Games & LoL Esports Twitch or YouTube channels. The Main Event of Worlds 2023 continues on October 29 at 03:00 ET/02:00 CST/00:00 PT.

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G2 Esports vs BLG Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 9
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