G2 Esports Renew League of Legends, Rocket League And Siege Rosters

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G2 Esports Renew League of Legends, Rocket League And Siege Rosters

G2 Esports commits to League of Legends roster till at least 2022.

While mid-season might bring roster shuffles for some, G2 Esports is committing to its LEC roster by locking down the full roster. After the success in the LEC (current split withstanding) and performance at MSI and Worlds, G2 has seen fit to build on what they have. Outside of League of Legends, G2 has also resigned their Rocket League and Rainbow Six: Siege rosters till 2022.

The renewal doesn’t just include the starting roster of Perkz, Caps, Wunder, Jankos, and Mikyx. Coaches GrabbZ and Duffman will also be sticking around as G2 look to grab another World Championship for Europe and their first as an organization.

G2 Esports CEO, Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, had this to say:

“We feel an incredible sense of pride each time partners, players, and fans decide to stick with us through the years. Our League of Legends, Rainbow 6, and Rocket League teams are sought after by organizations from North America, Europe, China, and SEA alike. Renewing their agreements with us underlines how great of a relationship we have with them and it certainly gives us that same feeling of pride. We hope to continue to make our players, partners, and fans happy throughout the years. Keep sticking with us, as we’ll keep delivering. Much love.”

It’s not just about LoL

G2’s Rocket League side will also be sticking together. The side took the NA Rocket League Spring Split, and finished second at the World Championships in 2019, mimicking the LoL side. With the recent news of the RLCS X, and G2 stating that the players work well as a team, it makes sense to keep another top-quality roster together.

The same goes for G2 in Siege. G2 looks like it has another winning roster on its books, so has also locked down the new roster till 2022. “We are foreseeing the same success story with our newly formed Rainbow Six Siege lineup. A lineup that certainly took the community by surprise, but therefore we are even more proud to announce that the players fully believe in each other and are ready to fight for the World Championship title in 2021.” said Danny Engels, G2 Esports’ Head of Esports Operations.

G2 Esports Renew League of Legends, Rocket League And Siege Rosters
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