Fortnite Zero Build Trials: Complete Challenges to Earn Free Rewards

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Fortnite Zero Build Trials: Complete Challenges to Earn Free Rewards

Epic Games announced the Fortnite Zero Build Trials amid the overwhelming support for the new game mode. 

Beginning today, players can earn free cosmetic items by participating in this new five-day event. The in-game rewards include four unique Zero Build-themed sprays and a Glider, which you will acquire across five days. To unlock the items, you’ll need to register on the Zero Builds Trials website and check back each day to see available challenges.

ESTNN has all the information you need, including how to participate and unlock the rewards.


How to Register

Those looking to participate and earn the rewards should head to the Zero Build Trials website. Once there, you must log in to your Epic Games account to enroll in the event. You should see a progress bar and the challenges if you registered successfully. 

Challenges & Unlockable Rewards

Zero Build Trials Rewards

The day one challenge is currently live on the website. It requires you to earn one point in any Zero Build game modes; one elimination in the game mode equals one point. Your prize for completing this task is the SMG Slone cosmetic spray. This same challenge applies to days two, three and four, where you’ll unlock more unique rewards. You’ll collect all four sprays on day five for earning four eliminations. Lastly, you must compile 30 eliminations in Zero Build mode to unlock the Glider across six days.

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Here’s a complete breakdown of the prizes available via Zero Build Trials:


  • Day One (earn one elimination) – Unlocks SMG Slone Spray
  • Two(earn one elimination) – Unlocks Flying Focus Spray
  • Three (earn one elimination) – Unlocks Wild Shot Spray
  • Day Four (earn one elimination) – Unlocks Ready For Combat Spray
  • Five (earn four eliminations) – Unlocks all Sprays listed above
  • Six (must earn 30 total eliminations in six days) – Unlocks Boosted Groundsurfer Glider


The Zero Build Trials event is now live in-game. Once you have registered, proceed into Fortnite and start playing Zero Build game modes. You have until April 10 at 11:59 PM EST to unlock all the rewards. Take advantage of this new no-build, Fortnite experience is hugely popular. 

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