Fortnite x The Walking Dead Collaboration Rumored To Continue In August

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Fortnite x The Walking Dead Collaboration Rumored To Continue In August

Fortnite could see some more Walking Dead characters drop from the Battle Bus.

Epic Games knows no bounds when it comes to pushing the limits of Fortnite Battle Royale. The iconic title has increased its visibility significantly over the last few years, adding everything from superheroes to action movie characters. One unexpected collaboration surfaced in Chapter 2 – Season 5, dubbed the Zero Point. Fortnite’s 15th season focused on hunters emerging through the titular Zero Point to contain and protect the unpredictable mass. Jonesy recruited Daryl Dixon and Michonne of The Walking Dead to help the cause.

The crossover seemed temporary, but recent leaks indicated something more on the horizon. Who from The Walking Dead could be joining the Fortnite roster next?

Walking Dead Leaks Part Two

Famed leaker HYPEX revealed a continued partnership between the popular comic book turned AMC zombie television show. The details are murky, but he mentioned that a glider with torches and fire could be included in the latest Walking Dead crossover. HYPEX learned of the glider months ago, but it seems the anticipated release date is sometime next month.

Negan & Rick Grimes to Come Next?

Two of the series’ most recognizable characters have already made their in-game debut. The important question is, who comes next? Some obvious choices are Negan Smith and Rick Grimes. The former is seems like a no-brainer, mainly because of Lucille–his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat. The presence of Lucille would be irresistible to Fortnite players who happen to be fans of the show. Rick is perhaps the most iconic character outside of Daryl Dixon, who, as we mentioned, is already a member of Fortnite’s roster.

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It’s all pure speculation at this point, but as we typically say, HYPEX never misses when leaking information. We’ll have to wait and see what Epic has planned for the next installment of Fortnite x The Walking Dead.

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