Fortnite x Marvel: What’s Next for the Ongoing Collaboration?

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Fortnite x Marvel: What’s Next for the Ongoing Collaboration?

ESTNN breaks down a list of Marvel characters that could appear in Fortnite Battle Royale this year.

Fortnite's ongoing collaboration with Marvel Comics is perhaps the deepest currently and longest-running to date. It began with Fortnite x Avengers: Infinity War – the game's first major crossover here players could assume the role of Thanos in a Limited-Time Mode (LTM). Since then, Epic Games and Marvel have maintained a healthy relationship. 

Chapter 2 Season 2 had Deadpool as a premiere Battle Pass character and Chapter 2 Season 4 featured a storyline revolved around Marvel supervillain Galactus attacking the Island. That season's Battle Pass allowed players to unlock Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, Groot and more via the Battle Pass. Spider-Man invaded Battle Royale mode in Chapter 3 Season 1, and Hawkeye appeared in-game following the Disney+ series release.

This ongoing partnership between Fortnite and Marvel has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. Now that 2022 is underway, it stands to reason that several of the planned Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) due for release this year could coincide with more cosmetic collaborations.

Today, we'll explore a few potential Marvel characters that could appear in Fortnite over the next 12 months.


MorbiusImage via Marvel Entertainment / Sony Pictures Entertainment

It's no secret that Sony and Disney operated independently on some Marvel film installments. Case and point is Venom—a character from Spider-Man's comic universe but not a confirmed member of the Disney-run MCU. We won't bore you with the details, but this point is worth pointing out due to the upcoming movie based on Morbius. 

Michael Morbius is a vampire character who becomes one of many Spider-Man villains. The movie, which stars Jared Leto in the lead role, is set to hit theaters in April, so we could certainly see a Morbius skin down the line. 

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Spider VerseImage via Marvel Comics

Miles Morales returns this year following the Emmy Award-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. The character's first animated adaptation captivated audiences and raked in nearly $400M USD. As a result, there's reason to believe another iteration of Spider-Man could appear in Fall 2020. 

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Fans who have participated in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 are well aware of the web slinger's presence. October would be a perfect opportunity for Epic Games and Sony to roll out Miles Morales's in-game character outfit. 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor StrangeImage via Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Company

The MCU will be quiet throughout 2022 mainly because Disney unleashed the highly-anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home to round out 2021. Disney's first MCU film installment of 2022 — Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness — debuts in May. It seems plausible that Doctor Strange and others confirmed to appear in the movie could make their way into Fortnite. 

Thor: Love and Thunder

ThorImage via Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Company

Two months after the Doctor Strange movie follows the latest entry in Thor's storyline. Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters July 8, 2022, featuring the God of Thunder himself, Valkyrie, Mighty Thor and all characters from Guardians of the Galaxy. We've already seen Fortnite cosmetics based on Thor, Groot, Star-Lord, Gamora and Rocket Raccoon. However, there's always room for Drax, Nebula, Valkyrie and even alternate styles of existing characters.  

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black PantherImage via Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Company

Blank Panther: Wakanda Forever is the third and final mainline MCU movie of 2022. Following the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, Disney had the arduous task of paying tribute while pushing the story forward. Fortnite already has a Black Panther skin and even featured an in-game tribute statue at one point. 

The new film brings back many established characters from the first installment, such as Nakia, Okoye, Shuri, etc. It would not be a surprise to see some of these names appear in Fortnite around November of this year. 

Moon Knight

Moon KnightImage via Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Company

The first Disney+ show on this list is Moon Knight—based on the Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. The series follows Marc Spector / Moon Knight, who suffers from an identity disorder. The character is a fan-favorite and will factor into the larger MCU at some point. 

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With a targeted release date of March 30, Moon Knight is an ideal candidate for a Fortnite cosmetic outfit and more. It'll be interesting to see if this comes to fruition, especially following the Fortnite x Hawkeye collaboration. 


She-HulkImage via Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Company

We went ahead and included She-Hulk on this list ahead of her Disney+ debut later this year. However, apart from the Hulk himself and perhaps Abomination, we may not see a Fortnite x She-Hulk crossover. Fortnite fans that played during Chapter 2 Season 4 might remember Jessica Walters / She-Hulk being part of the Battle Pass. It's safe to say Epic Games covered She-Hulk. 

Ms. Marvel

Ms. MarvelImage via Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Company

Disney developed a series for Disney+ based on Ms. Marvel. This show is a continuation of the storyline started in Captain Marvel and will expand upon the lore established. Ms. Marvel does not have a solidified release date at this time, but Epic games could seize the opportunity to add another slew of Marvel heroes into Fortnite. 

Secret Invasion

Secret InvasionImage via Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Company

Secret Invasion is the fourth and final planned Disney+ show slated to debut this year. Based on a comic book series of the same name, Secret Invasion encompasses a who's who of Marvel superheroes. These include Iron-Man, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and many more. While the show may revolve around Nick Fury, Talos and Maria Hill, the possibilities are endless. 

Fortnite already has a Nick Fury skin, and it's challenging to say whether Talos or Maria Hill could follow suit. Nonetheless, Epic Games may find a place for these characters and many more that could appear in the show. 

It's been a crazy year already for both Fortnite and Marvel following two significant collaborations. We'll have to see what more lies on the horizon as the two continue working together to broaden Fortnite's impressive cast.

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