Fortnite x GeForce NOW Brings Fortnite Back To iOS

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Fortnite x GeForce NOW Brings Fortnite Back To iOS

Fortnite Battle Royale will return to iOS whether Apple likes it or not as part of a closed beta.

Today, technology company NVIDIA announced a plan to bring Fortnite back to iOS platforms. The company’s website published an article welcoming players to join a closed beta waitlist for GeForce NOW. This program would allow the mobile community to play Fortnite with “new touch controls.” More importantly, it means players would not have to wait until Epic Games and Apple resolve their legal issues.

GeForce NOW x Fortnite Closed Beta

The closed beta begins January 13, according to the NVIDIA website. At that time, accepted players would take part in a historic moment, considering Fortnite Battle Royale has been absent from iOS since August of 2020.

Here’s some information from the FAQ on NVIDIA’s website:

“We’re working alongside the team at Epic Games to develop an experience all Fortnite gamers and GeForce NOW members will enjoy. The closed beta will be limited in time, but we do not have an exact timeline for how long it will last.”

As far as the selection process goes, the FAQ section has an answer to NVIDIA will choose players:

“Access will be granted based on regional availability and device. You must be a GeForce NOW member on NVIDIA’s Service to be selected. If you subscribe to GeForce NOW through one of our Alliance Partners, please check with your provider to get access to the closed beta.”

How to Register

Those interested in partaking in the closed beta should head over to the NVIDIA website. Once there, follow the instructions provided. See those below:

  1. Log in or create an NVIDIA account
  2. Join the waitlist
  3. Become a GeForce NOW member
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After joining the waitlist, follow these steps below to prepare yourself in case you are chosen:

  1. Get GeForce NOW on your mobile device
  2. Link your Epic Games account
  3. Give GeForce NOW a try

NVIDIA did not provide an expected end date for this closed beta. Be sure to register if you’re interested in playing Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 on iOS—something previously unheard of given the Epic Games vs. Apple Inc. lawsuit.

We’ll provide updates as we learn more about the Fortnite x GeForce NOW program!

Featured Image: NVIDIA

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