Fortnite x Balenciaga Collaboration Leaks In Season 8

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Fortnite x Balenciaga Collaboration Leaks In Season 8

Recent Fortnite leaks in Season 8 revealed a collaboration with Spanish fashion brand Balenciaga.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s latest crossover has revealed itself via several leakers on Twitter. The iconic video game will feature in-game skins and cosmetics themed to luxury fashion line — Balenciaga. Epic Games has not acknowledged the leaked collaboration yet. Still, several of the community’s members have discovered four different character outfits in the game files, which all but confirm the planned Fortnite x Balenciaga collaboration.

Fortnite x Balenciaga

Another fashion titan enters the world of Fortnite Battle Royale, following a similar path to the Air Jordan collaboration from Chapter 1 – Season 9. Balenciaga is a Spain-based luxury apparel brand most famous for its shoes and other clothing selections. Their partnership with Fortnite Battle Royale includes four classic character models: Doggo, Banshee, Knight, and Ramirez.

Fortnite x Balenciaga also includes various backpack designs, a shoe pickaxe, glider, emote and wraps. It’s merely the latest in a long line of partnerships that bring well-known brands into the world of Fortnite. Some others of note include Ferarri, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics. Epic Games has not slowed its approach to expanding the worldwide intrigue of Fortnite.

Epic Games Makes it Official

Epic Games posted a blog post less than an hour after the initial round of leaks surface. They made the Fortnite x Balenciaga collaboration official with a trailer and list of purchasable cosmetics.

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Here is the complete list of unlockable in-game items per Epic’s Balenciaga post:

  • Unchained Ramirez Outfit: She’s coming in haute. (Comes with the alt Silver Unchained Ramirez Style.)
  • Shady Doggo Outfit: Who's a stylish boy? (Comes with the alt Midnight Shady Doggo and Cardinal Shady Doggo Styles.)
  • Fashion Banshee Outfit: Battle Bus prepped. Runway ready. (Comes with the alt 24K Fashion Banshee Style.)
  • Game Knight Outfit: So retro you can call it a renaissance. (Comes with the alt Stealth Game Knight Style.)

The Fortnite x Balenciaga collection arrives in the Item Shop for most areas of the world on September 20 at 7 PM EST. Balenciaga returns the favor with its own line of Fortnite apparel due to launch over the next 24 hours. We’ll be sure to update this post with any additional information from the latest Fortnite collaboration!

Four Fortnite x Balenciaga backpacks with various designs appear on a black background.

  • Logo Lugger Back Bling: Allover prints are in right now.
  • Skate Pocket Duffle Back Bling: Perfect for holding both stuff AND things.
  • Everyday Sleekpack Back Bling: High fashion. Low profile.
  • Camo Carrier Back Bling: Where'd I leave that backpack?
  • Speed Sneaker Pickaxe: Who says you can’t use a sneaker as a Pickaxe? (Comes with five different-colored alt Styles.)
  • Parasail Purse Glider: We left a lip balm in there for you.
  • Signature Look Wrap: Add some texture to your textures. (Comes with the alt Midnight and 24K Styles.)
  • The Look Emote: Strike a pose.
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The Fortnite x Balenciaga Speed Sneaker Pickaxes, Parasail Purse Glider, Signature Look Wrap and The Look Emote appear on a black background.

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