Fortnite x Among Us Collaboration Teased In Twitter Dialogue

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Fortnite x Among Us Collaboration Teased In Twitter Dialogue

Fortnite and Among Us have teased a potential collaboration on Twitter.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s newest game mode draws clear inspiration from the hit game from 2020 — Among Us. Dubbed “Imposters Mode,” Epic Games recreated the Among Us concept in Fortnite using its own reimagined style. Two teams — Agents and Imposters — have to work against each other to complete tasks and win the game.

Epic did not initially credit Among Us developers Innersloth for the limited-time mode (LTM) concept, until today. Fortnite patch v18.20 dropped today, and the patch notes have officially credited Among Us as the inspiration for Imposters Mode. What’s more, Fortnite’s Twitter account engaged in a conversation with Among Us, and it appears a collaboration of sorts is in the works.

Fortnite x Among Us Collaboration?

Shortly after posting the latest adjustments to Imposters Mode, Fortnite’s Twitter account initiated a conversation with Among Us. The latter responded to Fortnite’s tweet, with a pair of curious emoji eyes. Fortnite’s account responded, proposing that the two “work together on something fun.”

The dialogue was relatively cryptic, and the words exchanged could mean anything. Remember, leakers revealed a potential crossover between Fortnite and Among Us many months ago. Whether that was Imposters Mode or an actual in-game cosmetic partnership is unclear. Some fans even went as far as creating concept art for Crewmates in Fortnite.

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It’s also unclear whether this collaboration was in the plans or is Fortnite’s way of apologizing for the Imposters Mode situation. Whatever the case may be, we should keep an eye out for more soon. Check back with ESTNN for more on the potential Fortnite x Among Us crossover.

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