Fortnite World Cup Standout Stompy Leaves Eleven Gaming

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Fortnite World Cup Standout Stompy Leaves Eleven Gaming

Stompy is no longer with E11 Gaming after over a year of representing the esports organization.

Klaus “Stompy” Konstanzer announced today that he is leaving E11 Gaming. He joined the Canada-based organization back in February of 2019 and made a name for himself in competitive Fortnite. Both E11 Gaming and Stompy addressed the talented European’s departure on Twitter earlier today.

Stompy Leaves E11 Gaming

Stompy released his statement first in regards to his free agency. He thanked E11 Gaming for all they have provided him and that he is now searching for a new organization to represent. He spent well over a year with the organization and earned several victories and accolades while under the E11 banner. Some of his accomplishments include his seven-time Fortnite World Cup qualification, five times as a duo with former duo partner Thomas “Tschinken” Horak and twice as a solo player. He went on to the Fortnite World Cup, where he respectively finished 25th in duos and 14th in solos. Stompy won $200K USD in prize money just from the Fortnite World Cup event alone.

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After the hype of the World Cup settled down, Stompy and Tschinken remained a duo. The two added Fortnite World Cup Duo Champion David “aqua” Wang to complete their trio for Season X. These three enlisted in the Season X Fortnite Champion Series and prevailed when it mattered most, in the Grand Finals of the tournament. Stompy, Tschinken and aqua split $600K USD, which was the most prize money across all of the seven competitive regions. Stompy continued performing well on his own in Solo Cash Cup tournaments. He eventually parted ways with long-time duo partner Tschinken in favor of aqua. Stompy and aqua played well through the Winter Royale 2019 and remained a duo to this day for the current Fortnite Champion Series.

E11 Gaming Bids a Farewell

In somewhat of a heartfelt farewell, E11 Gaming produced a video for Stompy, chronicling the highlights of his career under them. This included his Fortnite World Cup run and his journey towards earning the title of Season X Champion alongside the previously mentioned aqua and Tschinken. The organization also released a statement to complement the video of Stompy, thanking him for his time.

“Klaus represented Eleven Gaming proudly throughout his time on our organization. We congratulate him on all of his personal successes to date and thank him for everything he has done for the Eleven Gaming brand. We look forward to continuing to see Klaus at the top of the leaderboards and wish him all the best in his future career, along with an endless amount of margarita pizzas.”

Stompy now moves forward with a career chock-full of accomplishments. He should have no trouble finding a new organization to call home.

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E11 Gaming’s Current Status in Fortnite

Now that Stompy is officially off the E11 roster, seven players remain under their banner. Boyer, itemm, Crippa, Blootea, Agholor, Daxor and Grazca are the current active players on the E11 Gaming roster. The likes of Tschinken, Klusia, Zino, HEART, Anthony and Joseph all left the organization over the past few months beginning in September of 2019. Stompy may have wanted to seek new opportunities elsewhere, or he wanted a different contract moving forward. As Fortnite continues to grow, player standards will inevitably change. Regardless, E11’s Fortnite position is much better off than other organizations. Especially so considering some continue to lose players or have withdrawn from Fortnite all together.

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