Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha Wins First FNCS Title With Mero & Muz

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Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha Wins First FNCS Title With Mero & Muz

Bugha, Muz and Mero capture the FNCS Season 8 Championship.

History was made this weekend in competitive Fortnite in many ways during the Season 8 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). The game’s first and only Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion — Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf — continued his legacy, winning his first-ever FNCS title. It wasn’t easy—Bugha endured adversity alongside his teammates Mero and Muz throughout the FNCS Season 8 Finals. However, Bugha, Muz and Mero stuck to their game plan and narrowly hung on to win impressively.

In the Mix After Day One

Bugha, Mero and Muz delivered on expectations despite some roadblocks along the way. This trio sat in second after the first day and six matches, managing 179 points, 31 eliminations and an average placement of 6.83. The victory was in sight, but with notable names such as Edgey, Deyy and MackWood around them, Bugha, Muz and Mero needed to replicate their day one execution on day two.

Day Two Provides More Consistency and Sweet Victory

Bugha and company marched forward into day two with intentions of winning the Axe of Champions. They opened their first three matches with a fifth, third, and fifth, totaling a mind-boggling 30 eliminations across that stretch. Other teams remained hot on their tracks, including Jamper, Tragix and two-time FNCS winner Deyy, who hung around the top of the leaderboard throughout day two.

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The eventual champions struggled over their final three games, managing a 12th, 15th and 22nd to round out the Season 8 Finals. Perhaps the most pivotal moment occurred in the decisive game 12, where Bugha and Muz narrowly escaped almost certain elimination as Storm Surge slowly depleted their resources during mid-game. They subsequently weathered the storm, rebooted Mero and clutched out must-have placement and elimination points. After falling in 22nd, it was unclear whether 341 points would be enough to yield victory.

Deyy, Tragix and Jamper finished their final match in third, but the final leaderboard led to heartbreak, showing 334 points—seven points short of Bugha, Muz and Mero. It was a finish filled with intrigue, drama and everything a competitive Fortnite fan could want.

Bugha, Muz & Mero Become Season 8 Axe of Champions Holders

The unlikely combination of players formed at seemingly the last second before the FNCS Season 8 Qualifiers began. Bugha and Mero struggled to find a third but ultimately added two-time Oceania FNCS Champion Muz to complete their roster. The three players performed well throughout the season and were undoubtedly one of the favorites heading into the FNCS Finals.

A Season 8 FNCS Championship represents everything for these three players. Bugha can now call himself a Fortnite World Cup and Fortnite Champion Series Winner, joining only Fortnite World Cup Duo Champion — David “aqua” Wang — in that lofty category. Muz becomes the first-ever cross-regional Fortnite Champion Series Winner, tailing his two trio FNCS wins from the Oceania region. Mero — who many recognize as perhaps the world’s best controller player — captures his third FNCS title in the last five seasons.

Each player took to Twitter to celebrate and flaunt their impressive prize winnings. Bugha, Muz and Mero will collect $45K and the in-game Axe of Champions—an FNCS pickaxe given only to the champions. The NA East region brought the heat, but Bugha, Muz and Mero went the extra step required to win. With the $5M USD FNCS Grand Royale coming soon, there’s no telling what could be next for the FNCS Season 8 Champions.

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