Fortnite World Champion Aqua Joins LootBoy Esports

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Fortnite World Champion Aqua Joins LootBoy Esports

Duo Fortnite World Champion Aqua has agreed to join LootBoy Esports.

Austrian professional Fortnite player David “aqua” Wang announced today that he has agreed to compete under Germany-based esports organization — LootBoy Esports. A 2019 Fortnite World Cup Champion and Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Season X Champion — Aqua is unquestionably one of the best players of all time. Despite his intermittent struggles with hand pains, the 19-year-old has amassed one of the most impressive careers in Fortnite history.

Aqua competed as a member of COOLER Esport previously. However, the organization folded in April of this year due to financial constraints stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Aqua remained a free agent while remaining atop the European Fortnite scene until he officially found a new home. LootBoy Aqua is a name to keep an eye on in 2022.

LootBoy Esports Signs Aqua

The LootBoy Esports brand is well-known for its presence in Europe's Fortnite scene. While many of its marquee players have come and gone, Aqua is unquestionably LootBoy's most significant signing. The organization posted a video celebrating Aqua's career accolades before officially welcoming him to the team.

The Austrian's achievements over multiple years speak for themselves. He Fortnite's only Duo World Cup competition with his former teammate Emil “nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen in one of the most impressive single-tournament performances in history. One season later, Aqua joined Trio teammates Klaus “Stompy” Konstanzer and Thomas “Tschinken” Hörak in winning the first-ever European FNCS tournament.

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After missing the FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 1 Finals, he rallied back, placing second in Duo FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 2 and third in the Solo FNCS Invitational. Due to various issues, Aqua missed the Chapter 2 – Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6 Finals. He rallied back in Chapter 2 – Season 7, securing an eighth-place result with Noah “noahreyli” Rey and Alexander “Vadeal” Schlik. One season later, Aqua took third in the FNCS Season 8 Finals alongside Chris “crr” Williams and Fastroki and 14th in the FNCS Grand Royale.

Still One of the Best

Aqua signing with LootBoy Esports guarantees he plans to compete and contend in 2022. Hopefully, that means fans will see many successful endeavors in future FNCS tournaments and perhaps even offline. People within the scene hope to see another Fortnite World Cup next year, and it would not feel right if Aqua missed out. Let's hope that his hand issues remain under control for the sake of seeing one of Fortnite's all-time greats continue to flourish.

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