Fortnite: #WildWeeks Return In Season 7 With Sneaky Stealthy Weapons

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Fortnite: #WildWeeks Return In Season 7 With Sneaky Stealthy Weapons

Find out everything you need to know about the revived #WildWeeks celebration in Fortnite.

Wild Weeks have returned in Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games introduced this concept in Chapter 2 – Season 6, where the developers highlighted fundamental in-game dynamics such as fire, fishing and mobility. While Wild Weeks ended late last season, Epic is ready to bring it back to round out Season 7. The revival became official after the release of Fortnite patch v17.40, and we have all the details you should know when the next Wild Week goes live.

Wild Week – Sneaky & Silent

Things are going to get real quiet on Fortnite’s Island starting this Thursday, August 17. The first of several Season 7 Wild Weeks will see all Epic Pistols, Assault Rifles and Bolt Action Rifles replaced by their silenced counterparts.

That means players have the opportunity to use the Suppressed Sniper Rifle, Suppressed Pistol and Suppressed Assault Rifle. Additionally, Epic is adding more of the new Prop-ifier weapon to allow players an increased element of surprise. Here’s a synopsis per Epic’s blog post.

“The invasion is reaching its climatic [sic] conclusion as new tactics are being deployed weekly to turn the tide. Starting Thursday of this week, every Epic+ Pistol, Epic+ Assault Rifle, and all Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles will be replaced with their stealthy variants: Suppressed Pistols, Suppressed Assault Rifles, and Suppressed Sniper Rifles.”

The Wild Weeks update goes live this Thursday, at which point silenced weapons will be widely available. Epic is also rolling out Legendary Quests to celebrate the “sneak” theme, so be on the lookout for those on Thursday as well! Also, keep an eye out for future Wild Weeks to see what Epic Games has in store.

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