Fortnite: Where To Find Fort Crumpet In Season 8

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Fortnite: Where To Find Fort Crumpet In Season 8

Learn where you can find Fort Crumpet in Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 is well underway, and there are many new and returning landmarks from previous seasons. Understanding these locations has become necessary with each passing update. Map knowledge and awareness serve two purposes in Fortnite; navigating the landscape to earn the Victory Royale and completing challenges for experience points (XP).

The latter is arguably more imperative in Season 8, as the Battle Pass offers some of the best incentives in recent memory. One critical landmark this season is Fort Crumpet, one of a handful of ancillary locations that appeared first in Chapter 2 – Season 1 and has remained a staple ever since.

Today, ESTNN plots Fort Crumpet on the updated Season 8 map to help you locate the Knightly Crimson Toona Fish Color Bottles and show you how to complete one of Dire’s “Wolf Pack” quests.

Where to Find Fort Crumpet

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 map is shown with a red circle on the west coast highlighting the location of Fort Crumpet.

Fort Crumpet is located southwest of Coral Castle and northwest of Believer Beach at the furthest west point of the Island. It’s a coastal landmark, with water on most sides and an IO Base a bit further west to make it more appealing as a drop spot. This location sports a maximum of six Chests, and players can utilize it to accomplish a few Battle Pass quests.

On that note, players seeking to unlock all Toona Fish skin styles must land at Fort Crumpet to collect the Knightly Crimson colors. Additionally, one quest from Dire — an NPC that roams the Destroyed Dish area — requires players to emote at Fort Crumpet, Weather Station or Lockie’s Station.

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Now that you know where to find Fort Crumpet, you must reach level 200 to reap all of the Battel Pass rewards, including the Season 8 Super Styles — Blue Rune, Purple Rune and Gold Rune. We’ll be sure to provide more guides as Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 continues.

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