Fortnite: Wavyjacob Banned Six Months Mid-FNCS For “Exploiting”

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Fortnite: Wavyjacob Banned Six Months Mid-FNCS For “Exploiting”

Epic Games removed NA West player wavyjacob from the FNCS All-Star Showdown and hit him with a six-month ban.

Fortnite Battle Royale and player bans seem to go hand-in-hand. Over the last year, we’ve seen everything from punishments for cheating to Clix’s Support-A-Creator Code removal and subsequent blacklisting. It seems Epic Games is no longer messing around.

In the case of NA West professional player — wavyjacob — his discipline trumps all, even proven cheaters. During a worldwide broadcast of the FNCS All-Star Showdown, Epic Games removed wavyjacob from the competition for violating “broadcast guidelines.” He then received a six-month ban from Fortnite for an inappropriate in-game name.

Wavyjacob Removed From Competition Live On-Stream

Shortly after completing his first match in the “High Tier” skills challenge, wavyjacob’s name disappeared from the bracket. Fortnite caster and Influencer Marketing Specialist for Epic Games — xSUND0WN — acknowledged the ban during the broadcast. He stated that a competitor was removed from the bracket due to a violation of broadcast guidelines. The issue revolved around an unexpected name change by wavyjacob, which set all subsequent events in motion.

Banned Six Months for “Exploiting”

Wavyjacob took to Twitter after exiting the competition with a screenshot, depicting an in-game ban notice. Epic Games labeled the reason as exploiting, perhaps because the player used the broadcast in an unfair manner. It became clear that wavyjacob’s Epic Games username was the catalyst. We won’t include the name here, but it did feature the n-word written in coded text.

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Is the Ban Fair?

The player responded to Epic’s decision on Twitter, questioning why cheaters receive a one-month ban while he now has to sit on the sidelines for six months. Epic infamously issued only a 14-day ban to XXiF and Ronaldo — two players who cheated during the World Cup Qualifiers. Last year, professional players Kreo, Bucke, Keys and Slackes received only a 30-day ban for colluding during tournaments.

Questioning whether the punishment inflicted upon wavy is fair or not might be a pointless argument. The developers are well within their rights to discipline whoever they choose. Wavyjacob was caught in the crosshairs this time around, and it was certainly an avoidable circumstance. Many Twitter users and fellow professional players rushed to wavyjacob’s corner with the hashtag #freewavy.

Even former Fortnite commentator Arten “Ballatw” Esa chimes in on the situation. He questioned, “Why not just build a tool to premptively [sic] replace names on broadcast when you have a set and known amount of players?” It’s a valid point, and Balla is not afraid to speak his mind after Epic essentially cut ties with the long-time caster.

Regardless, wavyjacob likely won’t have a chance to appeal the discipline sent his way. It’s unfortunate that a first-time offender received such a harsh ban, but again, Epic Games appears to have a zero-tolerance policy of late. The infraction mixed with the circumstances of it occurring on an official broadcast seems to be the reason for Epic’s strict rule enforcement.

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Update — Ban Reverted to One Day

Wavyjacob went live on stream during the fiasco with his reaction. In the middle of his broadcast, he restarted his game and saw a reduced sentence. Epic Games cut the ban from six months to just 24 hours. While the developers did not acknowledge the change, wavyjacob felt a sense of relief. He stated that he would have lost his mind if Epic stuck with the six-month ban over his in-game name.

Epic has not directly addressed the situation other than the caster’s mention during the FNCS All-Star Showdown broadcast.

Update 2 — Wavyjacob Will Sit Out Two Weeks

The rollercoaster ride of wavyjacob continues one day after learning of a potential six-month ban from Fortnite Battle Royale. He took to Twitter earlier today with a final update about his ban length. It appears Epic Games has banned him for two weeks. Strangely enough, the previously reported six-month and one-day discipline is not accurate. Wavyjacob will miss out on the $3M USD FNCS All-Star Showdown Solo Championship this weekend but will return in time for FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 7.

Epic has not directly addressed the situation other than the caster’s mention during the FNCS All-Star Showdown broadcast.

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