Fortnite Veteran “Airwaks” Retires from Competition

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Fortnite Veteran “Airwaks” Retires from Competition

Swiss Fortnite player Airwaks (pictured left) — who competed at the World Cup — has retired from the game. 

European Fortnite veteran Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia retired expectedly from the game yesterday to an outpouring of support. The Swiss player began his career in 2018 alongside many other OG players. Airwaks continued competing through Fortnite’s many ups and downs over the years.

Unfortunately, the Fortnite World Cup Finalist has made the tough decision to step away. While he did leave the door open for a possible return, Airwaks adds himself to the ever-growing list of players who have also left Fortnite in the rear-view. 

Airwaks Steps Away from Fortnite

Airwaks’ choice to leave Fortnite has no real cause from his announcement tweet. However, he did lay a cryptic foundation beforehand that likely played into the decision: 

“Finito Fortnite, Thank you for the good times, maybe a return if they announce a WC/return of LANs but in the meantime I return to the fault.”

His announcement came at a time when other top-tier players have also retired. Another legend — Rocco “Saf” Morales — did the same not much longer after Airwaks. The 27-year-old quoted tweeted one of his tweets from December 5, saying he’ll talk to everyone next week when everyone starts to complain about Fortnite’s latest season. Airwaks’ quote tweet justifies his prediction that players would eventually turn on Chapter 3 Season 1. 

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That came to fruition, and his retirement followed mere days after. It’s safe to say a lack of LAN events and the current state of Fortnite led to Airwaks leaving the scene. Like Saf and many others, their opinion of Fortnite’s current season bears no positivity. 

The former professional League of Legends player leaves behind an underrated career, including an appearance at the Fortnite World Cup Finals and two Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finals. Airwaks also famously won two Fortnite Pro-Am tournaments alongside American DJ RL Grime. 

Fortnite Scene Shows Support, Airwaks Returns to LoL?

Other players and personalities across the Fortnite scene showed their support for Airwaks in the wake of his retirement. One of those included Airwaks’ long-time duo partner Nicolas “Nikof” Frejavise — who he competed with at the Fortnite World Cup, finishing in 29th. “Good luck for the rest my duo,” he wrote. 

It seems Airwaks may return to League of Legends, where he earned his stripes in esports. While the 27-year-old’s career may not have ended on a high note, he was on top of the world in Fortnite’s hay day. We’ll have to see what’s next for Airwaks. 

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