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Matt is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University. He appreciates all esports titles but primarily focuses on Fortnite and Call of Duty. Matt continuously analyzes gameplay and plays the games himself to better understand in-game decisions by the best players in the world.


Fortnite Trios Cash Cup Recap and Results for August 30th

Fortnite Trios Cash Cup Week 3
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The weekly Trios Cash Cup events are an accurate indication of which professional teams are in good form. Although the playstyles can vary, the cream rises to the top when dealing with the world’s best Fortnite players. Another purpose of these tournaments is to allow each trio the opportunity to play fifteen high-level matches against different opponents. These teams need all the practice they can get with just a few weeks remain before the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. Let’s take a deep dive in and see which trios performed well on the August 30th iteration of the Trios Cash Cup.


NA East

It is no surprise to see Zexrow, calculator and MackWood atop the leaderboard. This trio is quite possibly the best we have seen since the introduction of this format. These three players handled the competition with 128 eliminations and three Victory Royales. Zexrow additionally pulled off an unfathomable one versus six against the likes of Cloak, Pika and 72hrs. No other team really came close to their amount of eliminations or points.

FaZe Dubs, Rogue Eclipase and KhanadainNorCal took second place for the NA East region. They amassed a respectable eighty-three eliminations on top of three Victory Royales. Dubs is a player to keep an eye on as he has proven successful in almost every trio he plays with.

Recent Fortnite Champion Series qualifiers, zyfa, NRG Zayt and Ghost Saf made another appearance in the top ten. Over thirteen matches they compiled a total of 92 eliminations and two Victory Royales. They will be looking to build off of this performance as the FCS continues.

1. TSM_Zexrow, yung calculator, MackWood1x

$12,00014 matches206 points128 eliminations3 Victory Royales


2. KhanadainNorCal, Rogue Eclipsae, FaZe Dubs

$9,90013 matches167 points83 eliminations3 Victory Royales


3. TF Cole, LZR Legedien, LG Neferux

$7,50013 matches165 points63 eliminations4 Victory Royales


4. Nittle, casqer, smqcked ψ

$4,00012 matches165 points75 eliminations3 Victory Royales


5. TrainH French, TrainH BlastR, TrainH Robabz

$2,70012 matches160 points73 eliminations4 Victory Royales


6. Twitch BoboVo, Ðruk, Kоlton

$2,40015 matches159 points93 eliminations1 Victory Royale


7. Knіght, RogueShark_, Dr Flossen KBM

$1,80015 matches158 points83 eliminations1 Victory Royale


8. pgod -, 7eo , Кodi

$1,50015 matches155 points86 eliminations3 Victory Royales


9. zyfa地, NRG Zayt, Ghost Saf

$1,20013 matches155 points92 eliminations2 Victory Royales


10. Enzo is Here, CODE AROA, npen

$90014 matches152 points89 eliminations3 Victory Royales

NA West

The team of rehx, TL Cented and FLY Edgey secured their second straight Trios Cash Cup victory in as many weeks. After thirteen matches played, the trio rattled off 96 eliminations and four Victory Royales. This safely placed them in first by a mere seven points. This is the team to beat in the NA West region.

Second place went to C9 Snow, 100T Kyuzi and VICAROS, who recently qualified for the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. Their performance yielded 89 eliminations and three Victory Royales in the span of thirteen matches. This sets them up nicely as the next week of FCS qualifiers begins on August 31st. You can expect these two aforementioned teams to hover around the top of the leaderboard.

1. rеhx, TL Cented, FLY Edgey

$5,10013 matches177 points96 eliminations4 Victory Royales



2. C9 Snow, 100T Kyzui, VICARΟS

$3,90013 matches173 points89 eliminations3 Victory Royales



3. tyvan, maken, Frapai

$3,00011 matches171 points90 eliminations2 Victory Royales



4. 1400 Rhux UwU, 1400 Pika, 1400 Joel

$2,10015 matches166 points73 eliminations5 Victory Royales



5. FaZe Jaomock, LG Gunfly, 14hunnid Visz

$1,50013 matches165 points81 eliminations2 Victory Royales



6. Old Man Fulmer, T1 Persecute, Kytrex

$1,20012 matches160 points67 eliminations4 Victory Royales



7. S2 Bumboy, Tacozz1x, KNG Tavern

$90015 matches159 points87 eliminations2 Victory Royales



8. verrt, Вlix, CoolkidJoe06

$90013 matches154 points82 eliminations2 Victory Royales



9. ThaiTanks, Thomuss_, wavyjаcob

$90015 matches154 points103 eliminations1 Victory Royale



10. mylеs, spidеyy, HzExtinct

$60014 matches153 points75 eliminations3 Victory Royales



We have officially arrived at the point where FaZe Mongraal, mitr0 and NRG benjyfishy are nearly unstoppable. It is a rare occurrence when three players manage an insane total of 161 eliminations. This along with three Victory Royales placed them a full forty points ahead of second place. Truly an awe-inspiring performance out of the dynamic European trio.

Other notable names up top include World Cup Champion, COOLER aqua, along with Stompy and Tschinken of Eleven Gaming. This trio finished with 184 points. Contributing factors to this finish included 112 eliminations and four Victory Royales. They finished in third place for their efforts.

Three North America players also appeared in the money for this Trios Cash Cup. Tempo CizLucky, LiquidChap and Liquid Vivid battled through high ping, ultimately placing them in eighth. This certainly proves a point that, even on high ping, North Americans can compete against the world’s best.

1. FaZe Mongraal , mitr0, NRG benjуfishу

$18,00015 matches236 points161 eliminations3 Victory Royales


2. hoppy ツ, Clement_ttt, V BadSniper

$15,00014 matches196 points112 eliminations4 Victory Royales


3. E11 Tschiiinken, E11 Stompy, COOLER aqua

$12,00013 matches184 points115 eliminations2 Victory Royales


4. TrainH BlastR, TrainH Yagsou, TrainH Alpha

$6,90012 matches168 points78 eliminations3 Victory Royales


5. K1nzeII, Secret_Milan, сrr

$3,30014 matches166 points88 eliminations2 Victory Royales


6. Dеrox, jаson, Mаjest

$2,70014 matches164 points101 eliminations2 Victory Royales


7. NoFlex Nate, NoFlex Merijn, NoFlex Nakirye

$2,40014 matches159 points79 eliminations3 Victory Royales


8. Tempo CizLucky, LiquidChap, Liquid Vivid

$1,80013 matches159 points75 eliminations2 Victory Royales


9. G2 Tohaj, hREDS BELAEU, Kaxie

$1,50013 matches158 points65 eliminations3 Victory Royales


10. RBK Ritz, MSF Endretta, Pate1k

$1,20014 matches158 points107 eliminations0 Victory Royales


House-hold player Nicks of Cloud 9 took first alongside тzuyυ and Damage.-13. Their eliminations totaled out to 107 with three Victory Royales to boot. This contributed to their 202 overall points, which saw them split $5.1K USD. Second place saw PinaNYC, FelipersaNYC and hMB compile an impressive 118 eliminations. This earned the trio a total of $3.9K USD. Nonetheless, Nicks remains at the top of the Brazilian region.

1. C9 Nicks, тzuyυ, Damage.-13

$5,10012 matches202 points106 eliminations3 Victory Royales


2. PinaNYC, FelipersaNYC, hMb

$3,90012 matches184 points118 eliminations3 Victory Royales


3. FURIA leleo, kurтz, wisheydp

$3,00013 matches184 points100 eliminations2 Victory Royales


4. Refletz xD, Faah xD, CODE KINGBR

$2,10010 matches182 points92 eliminations2 Victory Royales


5. mstzera new age, estevin new age, GusTavox8

$1,50013 matches179 points92 eliminations3 Victory Royales


6. rversxx Px, a1ema0, RYACK skilled

$1,20015 matches177 points81 eliminations4 Victory Royales


7. Pai iwnl-, Fishy L2R2, Un Granjero

$90014 matches176 points89 eliminations3 Victory Royales


8. RED Snow, RED Avlr, RED technoviking

$90013 matches162 points102 eliminations1 Victory Royale


9. toxic lul, 9z хown, kınng

$90015 matches158 points98 eliminations2 Victory Royales


10. thzіп, lekmalucone, Zugorow

$60015 matches154 points85 eliminations1 Victory Royale


The Oceania region put up a lot of eliminations during the cash cup. In first place, Gooboz, Link and worthy went massive with 223 points in total. 106 eliminations and seven Victory Royales help them to an absolute blow-out of an end result. Forbuk, sync and Eshz Yt finished in second, a country mile behind first-place. Even so, this team put up 199 points, including 110 eliminations and three Victory Royales. This region’s overall performance brought the heat.

1. Gоoboz, Link, wοrthy

$4,50011 matches223 points106 eliminations7 Victory Royales


2. forbuk, synс, Eshz Yt

$2,70012 matches199 points110 eliminations3 Victory Royales


3. Warriors CoverH, Warriors Twizz, westу

$1,80014 matches188 points107 eliminations1 Victory Royale


4. Jynx , mrfreshasian, rel yt

$1,50013 matches174 points93 eliminations2 Victory Royales


5. RNG_x2Jordаn, volx, ѕniwT2x

$1,20013 matches173 points113 eliminations0 Victory Royales


6. ѕkyla, slаyа, ghеez

$90013 matches172 points71 eliminations4 Victory Royales


7. Crisеr, caryion, jakе the piggy

$60012 matches167 points83 eliminations3 Victory Royales


8. serpennt, hype iwnl, colt

$60014 matches165 points93 eliminations0 Victory Royales


9. Oddity Headshape, Washing Machinе, Јаx

$60013 matches153 points105 eliminations1 Victory Royale


10. RNG Herѕhicals, prіcе, SpееdyND

$60012 matches152 points83 eliminations2 Victory Royales


Team Newbee cleaned up the Asia region for the Trios Cash Cup. They managed a fifty percent win percentage with six Victory Royales over twelve matches. The Newbee team finished ten points clear of second place. T1 Arius, OPGG_Banny and T1 Quickss only squeezed in eleven matches but made them count. With seventy-nine eliminations and three Victory Royales, they safely locked up second place.

1. Newbee_13, Newbee_Aduo, Newbee_0

$4,50012 matches176 points77 eliminations6 Victory Royales


2. T1 Arius , OPGG_Banny, T1 Quickss

 $2,70011 matches166 points79 eliminations3 Victory Royales


3. Paengdol, GallaxyPK, OPGG_Aimherο_ο

$1,80013 matches161 points77 eliminations3 Victory Royales


4. T1 Hood.J, T1 HardCarry, T1 Spidermon

$1,50014 matches161 points77 eliminations3 Victory Royales


5. Liberta ぼくラグナ, Shinckyfishy, T1 Medusa

$1,20014 matches161 points89 eliminations2 Victory Royales


6. Swillium, zzukoooooo, fa1zzу

$90012 matches157 points94 eliminations2 Victory Royales


7. S2 Bumboy, KNG Tavern, 4DRStorm

$60014 matches156 points78 eliminations1 Victory Royale


8. SqeR KUREN, DELTA_やせのっっっっっっぽ, DELTA_たっっっっっっっっと

$60014 matches155 points74 eliminations2 Victory Royales


9. NL.AliceT-T, NL.Merci, FaZe Mongrаа

$60014 matches150 points72 eliminations3 Victory Royales


10. NEXUS.天気のあぽ種まる, デカポ戦士ぜるくん, Ehre.A

$60015 matches149 points83 eliminations0 Victory Royales


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