Fortnite: Trio of the Year 2021

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Fortnite: Trio of the Year 2021

ESTNN crowns the 2021 Fortnite Trio of the Year.

Competitive Fortnite in 2021 focused primarily on the beloved Trios format. Epic Games made a bold call to set a standard for an entire year, including all Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) tournaments for the first time in four years. The decision to spotlight Trios tournaments created continuity from season to season—a welcomed change in the minds of Fortnite fans.

However, despite the consistency in format, the world’s best talents constantly looked to improve their situation and create a team worthy of capturing the Axe of Champions. While teams changed often, some stuck together a long time and accomplished more than most competitors could imagine.

Today, ESTNN narrows down the absolute best Trios of 2021. For criteria, we looked at success, impact, revolutionary gameplay, and tournament performances throughout the entire year. So, stick around as we crown Trio of the Year.

Mero, Deyy, Reverse2k

Two-time FNCS Champions — Reverse2k, Mero and Deyy — rewrote the script of how teams approach competitive Fortnite. Led by Reverse2k’s brilliant in-game knowledge and tarps, these three players collected body after body no matter the opponent or tournament. The formula was simple; an intelligent in-game leader mixed with two frighteningly talented controller players. With Deyy and Mero alive, Storm Surge damage was never further than one box jump away.

This Trio broke records en route to winning the Axe of Champions in Chapter 2 Season 6, after winning Chapter 2 Season 4 in 2020. Before their split following FNCS Season 7, Reverse2k, Mero and Deyy won four tournaments, including the FNCS and a DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. While their run came to an unfortunate end, there’s no denying their accomplishments in 2021.

Commandment, Cented, Edgey

Seasonal success is the actual measuring stick of what makes a solid team. Whether a Trio wins or falls short, a presence atop the leaderboard means the world. On that note, there might not be a more consistent team in Fortnite history than Commandment, Cented and Edgey. These three NA East players made low-ground a more viable approach than holding high-ground.

From one tournament to the next, fans came to understand the brilliance of Cented’s leadership, Edgey’s mechanics and Commandment’s tarping and dragging abilities. Each player in this Trio accepted their role, which led to success beyond reason. Commandment, Cented and Edgey reached three FNCS Finals and finished second in all of them. It’s perhaps the most impressive statistic we’ve seen in recent times.

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Unfortunately, these three low-ground masters failed to win an Axe of Champions before Edgey agreed to leave. Fans will look back at them for years to come as one of the best and most unlucky teams.

EpikWhale, Arkhram, Rehx

Dominance rarely occurs in Fortnite, given how unpredictable each game and tournament can be. That’s precisely the reason we see so few teams win consistently. However, there are exceptions to these notions, and, in 2021, NA West titans EpikWhale, Arkhram and Rehx were the exceptions.

This Trio came as close to perfection as any individual player or Duo could in competitive Fortnite. EpikWhale, Arkhram and Rehx competed in four FNCS Finals and won three of them back-to-back-to-back. They came close to winning their fourth but ultimately finished second in FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8.

Still, an average FNCS placement of 1.25 shows how different this Trio was at its best. The NA West kings won a total of 14 tournaments before splitting. If only we could have seen them venture to NA East for a run at the Axe of Champions.

Hen, JannisZ, Chapix

Europe suffered the most team changes throughout 2021, so the region’s presence on this list came down to a handful of standout Trios. In that department, Hen, JannisZ and Chapix were untouchable for a period. This Trio formed in Chapter 2 Season 5 and quickly won the first FNCS Qualifier and a Cash Cup in consecutive days. They would win another Cash Cup two weeks later before the FNCS Finals.

Hen, JannisZ and Chapix played exceptionally through two days of the Season 5 Finals. Day two ended with an exclamation point, as the three players won the last match to become FNCS Champions. It seemed at times that nothing could deter this Trio. Their momentum continued into Season 6, where they captured three more Cash Cups and a Cash Cup Extra.

The three players continued together through Season 7 but fell victim to off-spawn fights. Finishes of sixth and seventh in the FNCS followed their Season 5 win. After the Season 7 Finals, they went separate ways but undoubtedly left their mark.

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Kami, Setty, Teeq

Earlier, we mentioned how so few teams lasted the entire year of Trios together, especially in the European region. The reason is that each Fortnite season offers something different, and changes are a must to continue growing. One Trio that did the exact opposite was the Polish triumvirate of Kami, Setty and Teeq. These three players formed in late 2020 and would remain together throughout 2021.

With each passing tournament, Kami, Setty and Teeq grew as a cohesive unit. They reached the FNCS Finals four out of five times, finishing sixth in Season 5 and fourth in Season 7 before making history in Season 8. With a few solid FNCS outings under their belt, Kami, Setty and Teeq once again claimed their patented “Kami Split” in the Season 8 Finals. The Polish team dismantled every other Trio’s hopes of winning the Axe of Champions.

The eventual winners finished with 420 points after 12 matches—nearly 100 more than second place. It was the performance of a lifetime that might never happen again, at least in the European region. Kami, Setty and Teeq rounded out 2021 with a runner-up result in the FNCS Grand Royale. Their decision to stick together and improve as a team paid dividends, solidifying their position on this list.

Winner — Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale

This decision was not easy to make. Every Trio listed above performed insanely well throughout 2021. Ultimately, it came down to dominance and consistency. While many acknowledge NA West as one of the weaker regions, Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale were in a class of their own.

Winning three FNCS tournaments is a tall order no matter the scene. Their ability to mount insane comebacks when needed speaks volumes. What’s more, they came so to winning four Trio FNCS Championships in 2021. We firmly believe that Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale could have won an FNCS on any other religion at their best.

For these reasons, Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale are ESTNN’s 2021 Trio of the Year! Be sure to check out our Player of the Year piece as we countdown to 2022!

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