Fortnite: Top NA West Winter Royale 2019 Performances

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Fortnite: Top NA West Winter Royale 2019 Performances

Although the Winter Royale 2019 has come and gone, it produced some interesting results across all seven competitive regions. NA West often goes overlooked despite possessing a handful of the world’s best players. Chief among them is Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton, who finished in third place at the Fortnite World Cup. Many of these NA West players partook in the Winter Royale for a chance to pad their earnings. We saw some solid multi-regional performances out of the top NA West players. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the results from some of the best NA West duos.

KNG Maken1x and Frapaii

NA-West (1) – 6th Place $3,000

NA-West (2) – 3rd Place $4,500

NA-West (3) – 1st Place $6,000

NA-East (1) – 4th Place $4,500

Europe (2) – 1331th Place $400

Oceania (2) – 52nd Place $700

Total Prize Winnings – $19,100

Maken1x and Frapaii played quite possibly the most consistent three days across all regions in the Winter Royale. These two NA West standouts participated in six sessions where they managed to accumulate prize money. Their highest placement of the three days was a first-place finish in the final NA West session. Maken and Frapaii finished no lower than sixth in their home region and even managed a fourth-place finish on higher pings in the first tournament of the NA East Winter Royale.

Maken and Frapai bagged nearly $10K USD each during the three-day competition. Even some of the best duos across the globe were unable to match the success of Maken and Frapai. This talented duo put up a monstrous 303 eliminations and seven Victory Royales in total over the three NA West segments. Maken and Frapaii’s best individual performance came in their final match of session two, where they went huge with 32 eliminations and the victory. Their ability to journey into unchartered waters and still place inside the money is admirable.

Thomuss and wavyjacob

EU (1) – 781st Place $400

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NA-East (1) – 816th Place $400

NA-West (1) – 1st Place $6,000

NA-West (2) – 1st Place $6,000

NA-West (3) – 3rd Place $4,500

Total Prize Winnings – $17,300

Thomuss and wavyjacob are no strangers to the NA West spotlight. Both players have performed exceptionally well in Cash Cup tournaments. Their partnership dates back to the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers, and the Winter Royale treated them nicely. Thomuss and wavyjacob executed nearly perfect performances on days one and two of the Winter Royale. Quick back-to-back tournament victories placed an impressive $6K USD in each of their pockets. Their final day of NA West competition slipped a bit, but they still managed a third-place finish and an additional $2.25K USD per player.

Both players ventured out of the familiar territory and managed to cash out in both the EU and NA East Winter Royale competitions. Thomuss and wavyjacob combined for 334 eliminations through all three days of NA West competition. They averaged around eight eliminations per game and won 10 of their 42 total matches. The most impressive stretch of games for wavyjacob and Thomuss came in the closing matches of session two. These two went haywire with four straight Victory Royales and 62 total eliminations to steal first place. Thomuss and wavyjacob are the quintessential representation of the NA West region.

NRG Edgey and Liquid Cented

NA-East (1) – 381st Place $500

Asia (1) – 201st Place $400

Asia (2) – 29th Place $1,200

Asia (3) – 12th Place $1,500

NA-West (1) – 4th Place $4,000

NA-West (2) – 2nd Place $5,000

NA-West (3) – 5th Place $3,600

Total Prize Winnings – $16,200

It’s not surprising to see NRG Edgey and Liquid Cented atop the NA West leaderboard in the Winter Royale. Both players have exhibited dominance in competitive Fortnite as early as the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. We fully expected these two to perform well as a duo, which they did. They did not finish lower than fifth place in any of the three NA West Winter Royale sessions. Although they did not win, Edgey and Cented remained consistent throughout the tournament.

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Their prize earnings in NA West alone combined for $12.6K and they added even more with successful showings in Asia and NA East. Edgey and Cented slightly behind our first two teams in eliminations as they managed 244 over 39 played matches. However, they delivered in the victory column with 14 of their own and outmatched all others on this list. $16.2K USD in winnings is not bad for three days of work. Edgey and Cented will remain contenders in 2020 in whichever tournaments are to come.

NRG EpikWhale and rehx


NA-East (1) – 862nd Place $400

Asia (1) – 15th Place $1,500

Asia (2) – 18th Place $1,500

Asia (3) – 8th Place $2,400

NA-West (1) – 11th Place $1,800

NA-West (2) – 14th Place $1,800

NA-West (3) – 2nd Place $5,000

Total Prize Winnings – $14,400

Rounding out this list of high earning NA West duos is the pair of NRG EpikWhale and rehx. These two players took part in the Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series alongside the previously mentioned, NRG Edgey and Liquid Cented. Despite winning well over $1M USD, EpikWhale dug deep and continued to compete in tournaments. Along with rehx, these two placed inside the money in seven sessions across three regions. Their best placement across all seven competitions came on day three of the NA West Winter Royale, where EpikWhale and rehx took second.

Under unfavorable circumstances, EpikWhale and rehx finished no lower than 18th place. They fared much better than some of the top teams out of the Asia region. Over three NA West sessions, EpikWhale and rehx produced 244 eliminations and 14 Victory Royales. Although their earnings fell slightly below the others on this list, they still managed to show exactly why they are a top duo. Provided that EpikWhale and rehx stick together going forward, the rumored 2020 Fortnite World Cup would offer an excellent venue for them to earn more money.

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