Fortnite: Top 10 Players from Chapter 2 Season 1

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Fortnite: Top 10 Players from Chapter 2 Season 1

Chapter 2 Season 1 brought Fortnite Battle Royale back to basics and stripped it clean of the shiny new toys. Epic Games laid off changes which we’ve rarely seen before and what came of it was arguably the most competitive season in a long time. Although the Fortnite competitive team did not host any official tournaments outside the Fortnite Champion Series, players still had the opportunity to compete in DreamHack Winter, Anaheim, AO Summer Smash and a slew of Cash Cups. Fans experienced more solo play than ever before. Some professional players rose to the occasion whereas others struggled quite a bit. 

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Overall it was a fascinating season of competitive Fortnite. We took the liberty of narrowing down a list of the ten best individual players of Chapter 2 Season 1. However, before getting into the list, we wanted to acknowledge all of the Fortnite Champion Series winners from Chapter 2 Season 1.

This list includes players like wak1e and znappy, UnknownArmy, Kyzui, and many others from the seven different regions. Now let’s dive into the top ten players from Chapter 2 Season.

Mr. Savage


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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 was arguably the best yet for Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen. Despite not performing exceptionally well in the Fortnite Champion Series, MrSavage put in work as a solo player. He achieved placements of second, third and twelfth in the Cash Cups leading up to the first offline event of the year at DreamHack Winter. MrSavage went through the rigor at the event and came out with a 14th place finish amongst several hundred competitors. That was only the beginning for MrSavage as he continued a new chapter of Fortnite with even more success.

The 15-year-old Norwegian picked up his first Solo Cash Cup victory on December 5th and went on to win another on January 22nd. The post-Fortnite Blackout era proved successful for MrSavage as he capped it off with a victory at DreamHack Anaheim. The event housed 1,200 competitors, including some of the absolute best across the globe. Just mere days after signing with esports organization 100 Thieves, MrSavage executed an outstanding Grand Finals performance to claim USD 30K. His consistency and resilience shined despite a poor FNCS showing and the world got to see the talent of MrSavage.


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Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish of NRG had a busy season between October and February. He participated in all three third-party offline events, the Fortnite Champion Series and just about every Solo Cash Cup that Fortnite had to offer. Overall, he compiled some excellent results throughout the extended season. First and foremost, Benjy’s Solo Cash Cup record was outstanding. He won two tournaments in Chapter 2 Season 1 and finished top three in many others. Benjyfishy joined forces with fellow Euros Mongraal, Nayte and Wolfiez and took second in the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. 

The outstanding England-native also competed at DreamHack Winter, where he finished in 11th place amongst many of the best players from Europe and North America. Benjy journeyed to Australia for the AO Summer Smash, where he achieved another impressive 13th place finish. DreamHack Anaheim effectively ended Chapter 2 Season 1, and benjyfishy matched his DreamHack Winter performance with another 11th place finish. Many fans and viewers opened their eyes to just how insanely gifted Benjy with a keyboard and mouse. He is a workhorse and continues to improve with each new season.


Chapter 2 Season 1 continued the rise of the young NA East superstar, Leon “Khanada” Khim. He burst onto the scene as a part of Tfue’s trio back in Season X and maintained a high level of play throughout Chapter 2. To kick off the new season, Khanada joined Cloakzy, Fiber, and Tfue for the Fortnite Champion Series. The foursome played well and managed a seventh-place finish in the Grand Finals. The highlight of Chapter 2 Season 1 for Khanada was his exceptional gameplay in Solo Cash Cups. He won three Cash Cups in total and placed well in many others. 

Khanada also made his offline debut at the DreamHack Anaheim Fortnite Open. He was just one of 100 players to reach the Grand Finals, he earned a Victory Royale at the event and took 12th place overall. He went on to sign with TSM, which puts him in a great position as he continues to compete in Fortnite. Khanada’s shined in nearly every tournament thus far since Season X, and we can expect him to improve and compile even more impressive results in the future.

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Most people will not be familiar with Merijn, considering he’s a European player and only recently found success in competitive Fortnite. Hailing from the Netherlands, Merijn shocked the world with his performance at the DreamHack Winter Fortnite Open in Sweden. It was the first offline event of Chapter 2 Season 1, and Merijn made it count. He made his way through the first two heats and reached the Grand Finals. Despite matching up against players like benjyfishy and MrSavage, Merijn kept his composure. 

Although he did not earn a Victory Royale, he played his game to perfection and ultimately won the tournament. This victory transpired despite Merijn missing the queue for game eight of the Grand Finals. It was a Cinderella story as almost no one predicted the young Dutch player to perform as well as he did. Merijn additionally made the journey to DreamHack Anaheim, where he reached the final heat, but could only manage a 61st place finish. He proved himself as an offline competitor which will bode well down the line. 



Alexandre “Andilex” Christophe of Team MCES came out of nowhere in Chapter 2 Season 1 of Fortnite. In a sea of talented European players, Andilex set himself apart with a mixture of impressive offline and online performances. Alongside DRG, Noward, and 4zr, Andilex won two qualifying weeks during the Fortnite Champion Series. They wound up placing 11th in Grand Finals, and Andilex went on to compile quite a track record on his own. 

The France-native competed in both DreamHack Winter and DreamHack Anaheim with exceptional results. At DreamHack Winter, Andilex was on the verge of victory before going down early in the final match. He ultimately finished second behind only tournament winner Merijn. Andilex followed up that performance with a 6th place finish at DreamHack Anaheim, showing just how outstanding he is in an offline environment. The future is bright for Andilex who is ready for even more LAN events in the future.


If there’s one player who had a breakout season, it was Dominick “Unknown” Green. The controller king dominated NA East Cash Cups with four victories in total. Not many could rival these performances considering the unpredictability of Solos Cash Cups. He also managed a slew of high placements outside of the four victories. Unknown’s unprecedented accomplishments in Chapter 2 Season 1 speaks to his raw talent and just how well he can perform at the highest level of competitive Fortnite. 

On top of his solo track record, Unknown joined KEZ, Stable Ronaldo and Avery to win the Fortnite Champion Series for Chapter 2 Season 1. These four players flew under the radar all season and clutched up when it mattered most. The young controller player was a quintessential piece in their FNCS championship run. Unknown recently signed with NRG and competed at DreamHack Anaheim, but failed to reach the finals. Nevertheless, Unknown stepped up and proved exactly how dominant he can be with his controller in hand.


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With so few LAN events in Chapter 2 Season 1, each one carried much more weight than ever before. Breso is an Australian player who fits the bill of a relative unknown who came to play in one of these previously mentioned LAN events. The AO Summer Smash 2020 invited a handful of talented competitors from across the globe to compete. Most of these players hailed from the Oceania region, but stars like benjyfishy, EpikWhale and Symetrical attended with their sights set on a win. Breso had other plans as he quietly crept up the leaderboard throughout the event. 

Breso earned his stripes in the final match of the AO Summer Smash 2020 where he earned multiple eliminations and the Victory Royale to seal the victory. The Queensland-native caught the entire Fortnite community off guard and cemented himself as a top controller player regardless of region. Despite competing out of Oceania, Breso showed that each region possesses talent capable of winning high-profile events. In addition to his Summer Smash victory, Breso earned several high finishes in Solo Cash Cups and had a win and two additional top threes in the Winter Royale event. Hopefully, we will see more from Breso in the future. 

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100 Thieves’ newest member, Brodie “Rehx” Franks, is arguably the best player out of the NA West region. People often overlook NA West despite their determination and practice regiment. In terms of tournament success, Rehx could rival almost every other player on this list. He joined Cented, Edgey and EpikWhale to complete an FNCS squad for the ages. Rehx and his squadmates went on to place no lower than third in any of the FNCS qualifiers with two wins and a third-place finish in the Grand Finals. These accomplishments only scratched the surface as Rehx emerged as one of the world’s best solo players as well. 

Rehx played multiple Cash Cup tournaments during Chapter 2 Season 1 and came out on top in three of those. In addition to those victories, Rehx also managed several top-fifteen finishes, further emphasizing his consistency as a solo competitor. He participated in the Winter Royale alongside the previously mentioned EpikWhale, achieving as high as second-place on day three. The season ended on a high note for Rehx with a solid showing in the DreamHack Anaheim event, where he finished in 19th place. He’s undoubtedly a player to look out for in the future after a phenomenal season of Fortnite. 

Duo World Cup Champion David “aqua” Wang lived up to expectations yet again during Chapter 2 Season 1. The Season X Champion was flying high heading into a complete overhaul of competitive Fortnite. Aqua passed the true test of a champion by adapting to a different meta which included new game mechanics and a fresh map. Throwing out his unfortunate result in the Fortnite Champion Series, aqua continued to put on a clinic in solo tournaments. 

The Austrian won three Solo Cash Cups and achieved high placements in several others. Considering the amount of talent in the European region, Aqua’s victories are almost hard to believe. There are only a handful of players capable of maintaining consistency in Solo Cash Cups, especially in that region. Aqua rightfully earned his place on that list. In addition to his online tournament success, aqua also journeyed to Sweden for the DreamHack Winter event. He qualified for the Grand Finals and achieved a sixth-place finish. Aqua’s success both on and offline makes him a threat to all competitors. 



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Many casual Fortnite fans will recognize some names on the list, but most are likely not familiar with Volx. This Raised by Kings member competes out of the Oceania region that many people often overlook. Despite not having as deep of a talent pool, Oceania still possesses some of the world’s best players. Volx is no exception and had a breakout period in Chapter 2 Season 1. One of his crowning achievements was a win in the Fortnite Champion Series alongside X2Twins Jordan and Jesse as well as Gheez. Volx’s solo efforts, however, elevated him above his OCE counter-parts. 

The young Aussie won an impressive four Solo Cash Cups in Chapter 2 Season 1. He had a pair of third-place finishes and a runner-up as well. Volx displayed quite an effort in solos and did the same with Parpy during the Winter Royale. Although this duo did not earn a win over the three-day tournament, they managed back to back seventh-place finishes and a third place. Volx has a prosperous career ahead of him in Fortnite if he can maintain this level of momentum. 

Who would be on your list? Did we miss anyone you believe should have earned a spot? Tweet @ESTNN and let us know your thoughts! 

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