Fortnite: The Saga of Ghost Bizzle and Tfue

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Fortnite: The Saga of Ghost Bizzle and Tfue

Timothy “Ghost Bizzle” Miller and Turner “Tfue” Tenney have been at each other's throats for quite some time now in competitive Fortnite. Dating back to the Secret Skirmish in February, an unspoken rivalry seems to have developed between the two professional Fortnite players. Prior to the Fortnite World Cup, Ghost Bizzle was one of the highest-earning Fortnite players to date. Bizzle’s win at the Secret Skirmish yielded $60K USD in prize money. In addition to this first-place finish, Bizzle has seen a fair share of consistent success in competitive Fortnite. His ability as a player saw other professionals pegging him as the favorite to win the Fortnite World Cup. Although this hype did not translate into success, it’s no secret that Bizzle is one of the best players out there.

Tfue’s Rise to Stardom

On the other side of the rivalry is a popular streamer and competitive player, Tfue. The former FaZe Clan member has constructed a substantial following since the release of Fortnite. Tfue grew into a sensation on Twitch, and his viewership numbers rivaled that of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. With a whole army behind him, fans consistently watch as Tfue remains relevant in the competitive Fortnite community. Although he performed below expectations at the Fortnite World Cup, Tfue is still one of the best players in the game. His track record includes several first-place finishes in Fortnite Friday and during the Fall Skirmish series. Tfue also managed to earn enough points to qualify twice for the Fortnite World Cup Solo competition.

Bizzle and Tfue in Trios

Both Bizzle and Tfue are on the upper echelon of the Fortnite elites. It is only natural for the two to develop somewhat of a rivalry. During the Secret Skirmish, Bizzle last eliminated Tfue in game five to secure a Victory Royale. This is the same tournament that Bizzle would go on to win and thus continuing his outstanding play as a solo. The introduction of Trios allowed professional players to branch out and search for a team that suits them well.

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Bizzle briefly teamed up with World Cup Champion, Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf, and Danny “FaZe Dubs” Walsh. The Trio were fun to watch at the very least and saw a lot of success in professional scrims. Tfue teamed up with long-time duo partner, Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore, and Tom “Liquid 72hrs” Mulligan. Both Trios have experienced their fair share of success in the infancy of competitive. We are seeing chemistry develop and teammates develop strategies to outlast their opponents. In this specific case, two team’s strategies just so happen to conflict with one another.

The Incident

Fortnite Tfue 1v3 bugha megga ghost bizzle
Image via Dexerto.

For those unfamiliar, this clip is the incident that will be discussed. In it, Tfue, Cloakzy and 72hrs are actively landing near the Factory area of the map. This has remained consistent throughout the majority of the professional Trio scrims. Tfue specifically lands on the meteor to loot and inflict damage to keep his team above the storm surge damage threshold. Bizzle and his team’s route typically took them over the meteor, meaning Tfue would knock their health down before landing. This irritated Ghost Bizzle seemingly to no end.

At the beginning of a professional scrim on August 10th, Bizzle’s squad attempted to “grief” Tfue while on the meteor. Griefing in the Fortnite community is a term that refers to one or multiple players irritating or harassing another player or multiple players. Bizzle, Dubs and Bugha landed on Tfue subsequently destroyed the entire trio. Tfue eliminated all three World Cup players and proceeded to gloat on his stream. The infamous clip has accumulated well over 200K views in just five days. Since Tfue made this one-versus-three play, he has thrown constant insults at Bizzle.

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The Trio of Bugha, Bizzle and Dubs have since split and have gone their separate ways. It is unknown as to whether this incident had anything to do with the parting of ways. Nevertheless, Tfue currently owns the last laugh as Bizzle has not addressed what took place on August 10th publicly. With Fortnite lacking any tangible rivalries, Tfue and Bizzle are producing some excellent entertainment.

The First Fortnite Rivalry

Fortnite is unique in the sense that there are no real organizational discrepancies. It is not similar to other Esports in that there is no OpTic versus FaZe type of rivalry. It is an entertaining game to watch, but part of the fun is the antics and trash talk that commonly exist in multiplayer games. We can only hope that we see the two of them cross paths at some point in the upcoming Fortnite Championship Series. It will undoubtedly add a layer of intensity that can elevate competitive Fortnite to a whole different level.

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